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About The Safari Store

As a team, the employees of The Safari Store are dedicated to supplying you for your adventure to Africa, to the best of our ability - and with the best products available. We all have firsthand experience of travel to Africa with many years working as safari guides in Africa, and as tour operators in the UK.

Everyone on the team gets their hands dirty - updating the web site, searching for new stock lines to make your travel experience even better, distributing orders, processing returns, and most importantly assisting you as you pack for your adventure.

While we started out as an supplier for African adventures, our gear is well suited to travel to most warm to hot climates. Please see our very own Rufiji safari clothing range, which we believe is the best available in the UK!

Please contact us for advice as you pack, or for more information regarding the gear you require for your destination.
All the best for your travels!
The Safari Store Team

We have been reviewed by the following publications:
1) Conde Nast Traveller - November 2007
2) Carrier Travel Essentials - January 2008
3) Land Rover World - November 2007
4) Harpers Bazaar
5) Arise Magazine - July 2009

The Safari Store is the culmination of years of planning by entrepreneur Steven Adams. Steve worked as safari guide in southern Africa, for leading safari company CC Africa. While guiding guests from the UK, USA, and Europe, he became aware of how many safari travellers arrived in Africa without essential supplies for their safari. The seed was planted for the formation of a specialist safari company, based in the UK, to provide clients with expert packing advice and to supply customers with quality travel supplies.

In selecting the products for the company, Steven asked himself a very simple question: “What would I take on safari in Africa?” He then sourced the best possible products available, preferring to stock those produced in Africa, for African conditions. While the range is growing on a daily basis, the online store is now home to key travel products that no traveller to Africa (or indeed any warm climate destination) should be without. The launch of the Rufiji range of clothing and accessories is part of our continued effort to offer you, our client, only the best safari clothing and gear.

The Safari Store