Safari footwear: shoes, boots, & sandals

Pack the right footwear and get geared for your safari. From intensive walking safaris to short walks and relaxing around the lodge, our range of safari boots, shoes, and sandals are designed for every element of your African travels.

Boys & Girls Safari Shoes & Boots Read our Boys & Girls Safari Shoes & Boots Packing Advice

  • If you are going on a classic game drive type of safari, then pack comfortable women's safari shoes to wear on game drive but which are able to double as good walking shoes for a walk in the bush - an activity we highly recommend. Note that if you do not have walking shoes with you on game drive then your guide may decide against a quick impromptu walk in the bush
  • Also take a pair of women's safari shoes to wear around the camp. These may be the same pair as your select for the above, but it may also be a pair of cooler sandals, pumps, or similar.
  • For full-on walking safaris make sure you take women's safari shoes which are made for longer hikes - and ensure that you walk them in properly before you go on safari. You may prefer low rise canvas trail shoes or leather higher rise boots - the preference is purely personal.
  • We would still take a a pair of cooler women's shoes or sandals for before and after walks when around the camp.
  • Safari tip: always check your shoes for small snakes, scorpions, spiders and insects before putting them on.

Number of women's safari shoes to pack for your safari:
Up to 4-day safari: x 2 (1+1); Up to 8-day safari: x 2 (1+1); Up to 12-day safari: x 2 (1+1)
*"(1+1)" explained: Walking shoes + shoes to wear around camp.

Safari Suede Gaiters

Safari Suede Gaiters in Tan Leather

Safari Canvas Gaiters

Safari Canvas Gaiters in Khaki canvas

Rufiji™ Safari Canvas Gaiters (Unisex)

Rufiji™ Safari Canvas Gaiters (Unisex) in Safari Tan

Rufiji™ Safari Suede Gaiters (Unisex)

Rufiji™ Safari Suede Gaiters (Unisex) in Safari Green

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