Safari BUGTech™ & RID™
Special Offers for Men

For safari-goers and lovers of the outdoors, protection from painful bites and insect-borne diseases is critical to comfort and peace of mind during your adventures. Australian-made RID™ insect repellent and our specially-developed BUGTech™ insect repellent clothing offer exceptional protection on safari and for all outdoor experiences. Get the best value and high-performance products with BUGTech™ and RID™ special offers by building your own combos as below.

TravelBug10 - 1x BUGTech™ item + 1x RID™ item for 10% discount
TravelBug12 - 2x BUGTech™ items + 2x RID™ items for 12% discount
TravelBug15 - 5x BUGTech™ items + 5x RID™ items for 15% discount

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