Squashy Leather Oiled Safari Hat

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Squashy Leather Oiled Safari Hat
Treated with an oil finish and made from soft, premium-quality leather, this weather-resistant and foldable hat is made to suit the lifestyle of outdoorsmen and women wherever their travels take them.
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Please read the instructions below this size chart before ordering. We have indicated whether this size chart uses body or garment measurements in the notes below the size chart. Allow 1cm variance for all garment measurements (as an example a 56cm garment measurement has a variance of 55-57cm. Please factor that into deciding on the size to order.)

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cm/ in" S M L XL XXL
Hat Inner Crown Size 55 cm 57 cm 59 cm 61 cm 62.5 cm

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• To measure your head correctly you will need to measure at the fullest part of your head where your hat will sit, which will be just above your ears. Please use this measurement to determine the size above. It is best to select a hat size which has an Inner Crown measurement slightly larger than your head size.
• Please note that the canvas Barmah hats have no room to stretch whereas the leather hats have approximately 1cm of stretch - but that stretch would only be as the hat is worn repeatedly over time.
• UK and US hat sizes given below are our approximates of the equivalent hat size in either country. Please leave the size chart in "cm" rather than "inches" to view these correctly.

55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63
UK Size Hat 634 678 7 718 714 738 712 758 734
US Size Hat 678 7 718 714 738 712 758 734 778

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Elements and Activities – Barmah Squashy Leather Oiled Safari Hat:

Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 300g; ⊙ Made from full-grain cattle hide leather; ⊙Oiled finish; ⊙ Foldable; ⊙ Water resistant; ⊙ UPF50+ sun protection

Activities: ⊙ Safari; ⊙ Travel; ⊙ Fishing; ⊙ Hiking; ⊙ Horse riding; ⊙ Beach; ⊙ Expeditions; ⊙ Adventure ⊙ Outdoor hobbies and activities

⊙ Weight: 300g.
⊙ Made from premium full-grain Australian cattle leather.
⊙ Oiled suede finish makes this hat look old when it's new.
⊙ Comes with its own handy travel bag.
⊙ Foldable.
⊙ UPF50+ sun protection.


Treated with an oil finish and made from soft, premium-quality leather, this weather-resistant and foldable hat is made to suit the lifestyle of outdoorsmen and women wherever their travels take them.

This hat folds in half twice and comes with its own bag for ease of packing. Made from Australian premium-grade full-grain cattle leather and treated with an oiled finish, it is super resistant to weather, smooth on the hand, with leather that looks like it can tell stories. Its unique grain and finish gives it a worn-in look even when new and requires no upkeep.

The Barmah Squashy Leather Oiled Safari Hat is durable, soft, flexible, and superior in quality. Its wide brim and high-quality materials and design make it water resistant and offers UPF50+ sun protection - a must for safaris and outdoor travels. Its ability to fold on itself makes it a compact travel choice, meaning you won't have to go on any outdoor adventure without your favourite hat. It comes with its own bag for total packing convenience.

This hat was also successfully tested on the Bhangazi Horse Safari in the Isimangaliso Wetlands System, Maputaland, South Africa. As with the suede hat, the hat does not come with a neck cord, but the fit is so snug and comfortable that, even at full gallop, the hat did not come off. We think it is because the hat fits perfectly due to the soft leather (without feeling tight at all) and does not resist wind as much as the canvas hats.

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Barmah Squashy Leather Oiled Safari Hat – Further Information:

⊙ MATERIAL: Made from premium Australian oiled cattle leather with a deliberate worn-in look which is sincere to the grain of the leather.

⊙ SUN PROTECTION: The brim and material of this hat offers UFP50+ all-round sun protection for your face and neck.

⊙ FOLDABLE: This hat is twice-foldable, fits into its own bag, and pops back into shape when it's unpacked - making it the perfect choice for travel.
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