Double MicroNet Mosquito Net


Using a single hanging point (with strengthening bar) and with a wedge shaped design, the Double MicroNet Mosquito Net is one of the most versatile nets available to the traveler.


Product information

Elements and Activities – Double MicroNet Mosquito Net:

Quick Facts: ⊙White mesh, 196 holes per sq. inch; ⊙EX8 Anti mosquito treated (lasts up to 2 years or 35 washes); ⊙210t nylong ripstop skirting material with 4x base lashing points; ⊙Double Net: 210cm (L) x 160cm (W) x 160cm (H); ⊙Weight: 375g

Activities: ⊙Safari; ⊙Camping

Features: ⊙This Net has a 6 inch toughened skirt along the bottom to fold under the mattress. It is also impregnated with long-lasting EX8 AntiMosquito; ⊙Hanging cord with pre-attached hook and glass fibre spreader bar

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If you are going travelling, or on a basic safari, please pack a mosquito net to ensure that you are not bitten and kept awake by mosquitoes and flying insects while you sleep.
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