Men's Bollé Clint Sunglasses


Practicality and style meet in this highly original design. Modern, bold lines are complimented by bright colours for a funky and stylish look that is comfortable and lightweight with UV protection.


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Elements and Activities – Men’s Bolle Clint Sunglasses:

Quick Facts:⊙Category 3 Bright Light Protection; ⊙Polarized Lenses; ⊙Lightweight; ⊙Comfortable Fit; ⊙Padded Case Included; ⊙Soft Cleaning Cloth Included; ⊙Impact Resistant

Activities: ⊙Beach; ⊙Safari; ⊙Driving; ⊙Fishing; ⊙Hiking

Features:⊙Nylon Frame; ⊙Polycarbona Lense; ⊙Category 3 Bright Light Protection; ⊙Polarized Lenses; ⊙Oleophobic Treatment; ⊙Anti-Reflective Coating; ⊙B-Thin Active Design RX Software

Introduction: A Nylon frame and Polycarbona Lenses, these sunglasses are Category 3 which means it offers the most protection against bright light while still being able to drive with them on.

In addition to looking good, the Men’s Bolle Clint Sunglasses are comfortable & lightweight and come with a padded case and a soft cleaning cloth.

The Bolle polarized lenses align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times. So whether it’s sea, trout stream or road, you’ll be able to see what’s really ahead. Ideal for game-viewing. Forget about dirt, grease and waterspots, the Oleophobic coating stops it before it sticks to your lenses and causes a distraction. Available on all Bollé® Polarized models and B-Clear lenses.

All the Sunglasses on our site come with a free lens kit and a 2 year warranty, ensuring your Sunglasses are with you for a long time.

Software using the most advanced calculations is used to create customized lenses and the ultimate in lightweight products. An axial compensation of the prescription takes into account the size of the frame and the wearer’s facial anatomy if necessary.

The Men’s Bolle Clint Sunglasses are guaranteed to keep your look fresh and cool all year long and the durable Nylon frame means your sunglasses will stay in great shape for years to come.

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Men’s Bolle Clint Sunglasses – Further Information:

⊙MATERIAL: Nylon Frame and Polycarbona Lenses which offers strength and protection

⊙CATEGORY 3 PROTECTION: This offers the most protection against bright light.

⊙POLARIZED LENSES: Giving you a crystal clear view at all times

⊙OLEOPHOBIC TREATMENT: Prevents dirt and grime sticking to your lenses

⊙IMPACT RESISTANT: Keeping your sunglasses in great shape for years to come
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