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Merano Dark Tortoise Serengeti Sunglasses (Unisex)


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Sturdy, light and well made; these sunglasses combine timeless style with the absolute latest in lens technology. The results are clearly superior.

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Product information

Elements and Activities – Merano Dark Tortoise Serengeti Sunglasses:

Quick Facts: ⊙Light weight; ⊙Medium fit; ⊙Polarised lenses; ⊙UV protection

Activities: ⊙Safari; ⊙Beach; ⊙Driving; ⊙Outdoors

Features: ⊙Polarised lenses; ⊙UVA and UVB protection; ⊙Spring hinges; ⊙Own case

Introduction:As the maker of the world’s finest driving sunglasses, Serengti utilizes only the latest technologies and premium materials, coupled with the most talented professionals and designers.

Serengeti sunglasses feature unparalleled attention to detail and intelligent refinements. They exceed government and commercial standards when it comes to protection. The Merano sunglasses block out harmful UVA and UVB rays, while their advanced photochromic technology adapts to changing light conditions.
Altogether, Serengeti technology is designed so that you can effortlessly see every detail.

The amber-coloured drivers lens is ideal for driving because it enhances colours and contrast while lightening and darkening to provide optimal light transmission in any condition. Available in non-polarized, gradient and polarized glass and Polar PhD lenses.
Polarized glass: 18% transmittance lightened lens / 10% transmittance darkened lens. 93% blue light blocked lightened lens / 96% blue light blocked darkened lens.

Size Guide: 
-Base Curve: 6 
-Temple Length: 135mm/Spring Hinges 
-Lens Size: 57 x 36 x 59mm 

About product
Merano Dark Tortoise Serengeti Sunglasses – Further Information:

⊙MATERIAL: Plastic frame. Polarised glass lenses.

⊙PHOTOCHROMIC: Adjusts to changing light conditions. Just as with touring, the ability to adapt to your new environment is a valuable asset to any traveller. Serengeti’s photochromic technology works by embedding molecules within the lenses that are designed to constantly adjust to changing light conditions, so your eyes are free to stay focused on the scenery as it unfolds ahead.

⊙SPECTRAL CONTROL: Provides control over light and colour. By managing colours within the visible light spectrum, Spectral Control technology gives stunning high definition contrast and colour enhancement. This essentially gives your eyes control over the light, resulting in crisper vision and amazingly clear images, while blocking out distracting blue light for less eye fatigue.

Care and Use:
Please take care of your Serengeti sunglasses. On those rare occasions when you aren't wearing them, store them in their case. Serengeti lenses are scratch-resistant. By taking a few precautions to preserve the lenses, they will last a lifetime. Serengeti Eye-wear does not warrant against normal wear, including lens scratching or accidental frame breakage.

To clean lenses, blow loose particles off the lenses, then clean with an optical lens cloth or soft cotton cloth. A mild liquid soap diluted with warm water can also be used on the cloth. Never use paper products or clothing to clean lenses. Since salt is highly abrasive in ocean environments, rinse lenses with fresh water before cleaning. Store glasses in their protective case when not in use. Do not place lenses face down on any surface. Never put your sunglasses loose in a pocket or purse where objects may damage lenses. Do not leave your sunglasses in a car in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
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