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A great torch is essential gear for every outdoorsman and woman. This is our first choice for safaris, adventure travel, and expeditions for its size, durability, and outstanding high-quality light.


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Elements and Activities – P7 Ledlenser Safari Torch:

Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 175g; ⊙ Length: 13cm; ⊙ Lumens: Up to 320lm; ⊙ Range: Up to 260m; ⊙ Power Supply: 4 x AAA batteries; ⊙ Battery life: Up to 25 hours; ⊙ Our overall rating: 9/10

Activities: ⊙ Safari; ⊙ Night drives; ⊙ Camp/hotel/lodge staff; ⊙ Travel; ⊙ Outdoors; ⊙ Expeditions; ⊙ General safety and security; ⊙ Emergencies; ⊙ Camping trips; ⊙ Everyday use; ⊙ Gift; ⊙ Survival; ⊙ Construction and auto repairs; ⊙ Early morning or evening jogging, walking, biking; ⊙ Recreation

Features: ⊙ High-performance LED for impressive light; ⊙ Casing made from light, strong aluminium; ⊙ Splash-proof end cap and body; ⊙ Advanced Focus System incorporating a lens and a reflector for close-up and distance illumination; ⊙ Three power settings to suit your lighting needs (Power, Low Power, and Boost for those times when extra brightness is required); ⊙ Switch between light settings in seconds through full- or half-clicks of the tail switch with the Dynamic Switch System; ⊙ Modular System means fewer points of electrical contact and so a far reduced chance of faults; ⊙ "Frozen Black" matte texture for ease of grip and handling; ⊙ Rapid Focus for a one-handed, seamless transition from floodlight to spotlight

A great torch is essential gear for every outdoorsman and woman. This is our first choice for safaris, adventure travel, and expeditions for its size, durability, and outstanding high-quality light.

With a range of 210 meters and size of only 133mm x 37mm (13.3cm x 3.7cm), you will be blown away by the high-powered performance of this torch. The robust, compact, lightweight design makes the P7.2 a pleasure to hold in your hand, with true one-hand functionality - even when using the Advanced Focus System. This system allows you to adjust the beam of light of your torch from circular spotlight into a sharply focused beam of light. What is more, it features a Boost mode for ultra-bright light when you need it. Simply hold down the switch and the torch emits a beam 130% greater than the standard beam - which is great when you need a burst of light at night! The Dynamic Switch System allows you to click once for Power mode (100%), click again for battery-saving Low Power mode (15%), and click once more to turn off the torch. 

The Achilles Heel of any torch is often the battery and switch system. Leaky or fumigating batteries cause contact corrosion and destroy electronics and, more often than not, plate switches degrade over time rendering the torch useless. With the Ledlenser P7.2, a superior rear tail cap switch won't degrade over time and their unique battery cartridge system not only uses gold-plated contacts for optimal electric conductivity, but also has a built in high-performance switch. Gold was selected as it does not corrode. This system also makes changing the batteries on your P7.2 much easier. In addition to this,, should the batteries leak or - against expectations - a switch be defective, you can simply unscrew the battery box from the lamp and send it to us. You will receive a replacement free of charge within the warranty time. This promise is also true even if you did not use Ledlenser batteries.

Due to its excellent light quality and various functions, the P7.2 is an all-purpose flashlight. Its patented Advanced Focus System facilitates homogeneous distribution of brightness within the light cone. This focusing system is now considered one of the best systems in the world. Adjusting the light cone is particularly easy. Thanks to Speed Focus, you simply move the lamp head with one hand in order to control focus position. Whether you need a circular spotlight or sharply focused beam with a range of up to 210m, the choice is yours! Its superb features make the P7.2 especially suitable for professional applications and for users with high demands.

Range vs lumens: When buying torches, please do not only look at the lumens advertised, but also the range of the torch. Where Ledlenser is so impressive is that their torches are highly efficient at transforming battery power into light, which means that the range on a Ledlenser torch will often be much greater than the range on another make of LED torch, even when the other LED torch produces more lumens.

About Ledlenser:
As a leading international brand of hand-held torches and head lamps, Ledlenser is renowned for superior German engineering, outstanding performance, and state-of-the-art technologies such as the patented Advanced Focus System and Smart Light Technology. Constantly driving innovation to provide class-leading lighting instruments, Ledlenser is the brand of choice for professional tradesmen, emergency services personnel, search and rescue teams, and serious outdoor enthusiasts. Ledlenser hand torches and head lamps deliver breath-taking, bright, homogeneous white light that turns night into day and simply has to be seen to be believed. Using only the finest materials such as energy-efficient CREE LED light chips, aircraft-grade aluminium, and gold-plated contacts, they are renowned for quality and have a reputation for reliability that is second to none.

Torch etiquette on safari: Please note that one should never shine a torch into the eyes of diurnal animals, including elephants. This may result in them becoming dazed, leaving them vulnerable to predators.

Packing notes for torches from our experts:
Packing a high-quality torch is essential on all safaris. This is important for your safety at night.
• Not only will a high-quality torch, such as the range we stock from Ledlenser, ensure that you avoid stepping on any reptiles, arachnids, or insects at night when walking back to your room or tent, but you are also able to spot and avoid wildlife which may have wandered into the camp area in the evenings, as most camps are unfenced.
• Spotting wildlife is also good fun at night. Please ensure that you do so from a safe vantage point such as from the lodge or from the comfort of your room or tent. Your guide and lodge staff should be able to assist you in finding the safest position from which to view the animal.
• For guidelines on which animals you should not shine on at night and for other useful torch usage information, please see the section on this page called "Torch etiquette".

General notes from our experts:
• Our expert, honest advice has the sole intention of increasing your enjoyment and safety whilst on safari and comes from years of experience on all types of safaris and adventures in Africa.
• Natural behaviour: For all the activities you enjoy on your safari, please remember that the ultimate safari involves seeing natural behaviour from the animals you have travelled so far to spend time with. What we mean by this is that you and your guide should not confront any animal while on safari, but rather stay a safe distance away from the animal so that they continue with their habits as if you were not there. The holy grail of safaris is to use the wind, sun, and your guide's skills to try view the animal without it ever becoming aware of your presence. Watching an intimate moment between an elephant cow and calf beats an elephant charging you when you venture too close and she feels threatened. Please bear this in mind when viewing animals during the day and at night - no matter how great or small. Wildlife observations in an open, natural habitat are a privilege and leaving animals as undisturbed as possible by our encounters is what we should all strive to achieve.

About product
Ledlenser P7 Safari Torch – Further Information:

⊙ WEIGHT: 175g

• Up to 320 lumens;
• Range of up to 260m;
• Battery life of up to 25 hours

• Lanyard;
• Sheath
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