Reise Map of Zambia

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Reise Map of Zambia
No matter how you travel Zambia, this hardy, detailed Zambian map will give you all the navigational and tourist information you need to plan your trip and find your way on your trip to Africa.
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Elements and Activities – The Reise Map of Zambia:

Quick Facts: ⊙ Scale: 1: 1 000 000 (1cm = 10 km); ⊙ Clearly laid out; ⊙ Indexed and extremely detailed; ⊙ 101 x 70cm; ⊙ Multi-lingual; ⊙ GPS compatible; ⊙ Shows road network with distances

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Overlanding ⊙ Backpacking ⊙ Travel

⊙ Printed on unique, hardy plastic paper.
⊙ Rip-proof.
⊙ Waterproof.
⊙ Double-sided for easy reading.
⊙ Index of cities.
⊙ Contains topographic and tourist information.
⊙ In French, English, Spanish, and German.

No matter how you travel Zambia, this hardy, detailed Zambian map will give you all the navigational and tourist information you need to plan your trip and find your way on your trip to Africa.

With spectacular natural attractions and beautiful reserves, Zambia has something for every African traveller. Whether you are drawn to Victoria Falls or summoned into the wild bush of Zambia's reserves, make sure you pack a map to complement your travels. From backpackers and self-drive explorers to luxury safari travellers, know where you are and plan where you are going with this map of Zambia.

As part of the Reise World Mapping Project, this map contains the most important information for travellers including:
• Contour lines and elevation data;
• Coloured height layers;
• Road network with distances, as well as unsurfaced roads and 4x4 tracks;
• Detailed location index
• Comprehensive tourist information

This Reise Map of Zambia has been made from polyart - a synthetic material that is just like paper, but hardier! Scribble your travel notes, and mark your route on this waterproof, rip-proof travel essential.

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Why Reise World Mapping Project Maps are the best:
1) The World Mapping Project series of maps (in English, German, French, and Spanish) have been created as a result of an ongoing, single-minded obsession with creating the ultimate in travel maps. They will just about get you anywhere you need to go within Africa. We first heard about them when Steve met a cyclist who was exploring Africa's hidden regions on a trip from Cairo to the Cape. After Steve told the cyclist that he had been frustrated by the map he used for our Zambia product test in June 2009, the adventurous cyclist highly recommended the Reise maps. (The cyclist told Steve that, by following one of the tracks on the map, he had even found a village in the middle of nowhere in Tanzania whose inhabitants still spoke German despite not seeing a single outsider for decades!)

2) These maps show incredible detail and are clearly laid out, which makes them as ideal for hardened overland travellers, cyclists, and backpackers as they are for those visiting luxury camps on flying safaris. From showing accurately the location of lodges and camps to detailing seasonal pans and remote 4x4 tracks, these maps have it all. No matter the nature of your adventure, you will be the envy of all you meet while in Africa.

3) Please note that, while the large title as above is in German, these maps are suitable for English, Spanish, and French speakers with information and detailed indexes in all four languages. 

4) These maps are all printed on unique plastic paper which is very hardy, rip and waterproof. They will survive all the dust, rain, and rough handling that Africa can throw their way - within reason of course.

5) As a result of all this, these are the maps we rely on when planning our product test expeditions in Africa.
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