Men's Explorer Leather Safari Hat (Adjustable)

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Men's Explorer Leather Safari Hat (Adjustable)
If you’re going outside, then this wide-brimmed safari hat is an essential. In full leather, the design & grain of this hat adds to the classic look of the adventurer. Adjustable for the best fit.
Key Features: ⊙ Made from genuine suede leather ⊙ 360-degree, wide brim ⊙ SPF50+ sun protection ⊙ Wired brim ⊙ Eyelets ⊙ Packable ⊙ Internal drawstring ⊙ Detachable leather chin strap ⊙ Plaited leather hat band ⊙ Unisex.
Made for: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoor pursuits: Fishing, Hiking, Walking ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday wear ⊙ Farming
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The designs of all Rufiji™ and Mara&Meru™ hats include an adjustable drawstring to ensure you are always able to get the best fit simply by adjusting the drawstring. This makes ordering the right size that much easier.

How to order the correct size Rufiji™ or Mara&Meru™ hat:

• To work out which hat will give you the most comfortable fit, simply measure your head at the fullest part where your hat will sit, which will be just above your ears. Please use this measurement to determine the size above. It is best to select a hat size which has an Inner Crown measurement slightly larger than your head size.
• Please note that only our leather hats will have a very small amount of stretch (approximately 1cm).
• As children's heads grow faster than their bodies, this size chart also applies to boys and girls.
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Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 300g / 10.6oz; ⊙ Crown height: 10cm; ⊙ Brim size: 8cm; ⊙ Made from 100% plaided leather; ⊙ SPF50+ sun protection; ⊙ Metal wire around brim for shape; ⊙ Packable; ⊙ Adjustable fit via internal drawstring; ⊙ Detachable leather chin strap with elephant toggle; ⊙ Plaited hat band detail at the base of the crown; ⊙ Unisex

Activities: ⊙ Outdoors; ⊙ Safari; ⊙ Travel; ⊙ Beach; ⊙ Time by the pool ⊙ Fishing; ⊙ Hiking; ⊙ Adventures; ⊙ Expeditions; ⊙ Outdoor sports, hobbies, and activities ⊙ Everyday wear

⊙ Weight: 300g / 10.6oz.
⊙ Made from 100% supple leather.
⊙ Internal drawstring to adjust size.
⊙ SPF50+ optimal sun protection.
⊙ Wide, full brim for protection of the face and neck.
⊙ Plaited leather hat band around the brim complements the overall style of the hat.
⊙ Detachable leather neck cord with elephant toggle for additional style and convenience.
⊙ Eyelets for increased airflow and temperature regulation.
⊙ Unisex.
⊙ Please note that it is best to either carry your hat when you travel, or to pack it flat. It should not be crushed when packing.

If you’re going on safari, a wide-brimmed hat is an essential. In full leather, the natural grain of this hat is right at home in African landscapes. This hat will accompany you on years of adventures.

Steve's hat: Rain or shine this is the hat Steve, our founder, will be found in. He uses his for everything from keeping his head dry or out of the sun, to sweating it up on expeditions, to fanning the flames on the fire. He even uses his to pick up hot pot handles while cooking up a stew on the fire. Steve beats his Explorer leather hat up pretty much everyday and it takes all the knocks he throws at it to make sure he still gets to wear his every day. Steve call his hat "his honest, hardworking hat."

The sun's rays can have a harmful effect on your skin - and the sun in Africa can be especially harsh, which is why we recommend a wide-brimmed hat as a safari essential. Keep your face and neck protected with this full-brimmed hat on game drives, walking safaris, and around the lodge - and look great at the same time.

A full leather hat is a great choice for the serious outdoorsman and woman. Built to last, an adventurer and his or her hat are not soon parted and the beautiful, natural leather develops character as time goes by. Not only does leather look the part on safari and outdoors, it offers superior durability and comfort. Leather is breathable and soft, offering a comfortable fit time after time.

The fit is further enhanced by the built-in adjustable drawstring on the inside of the hat, which offers premium comfort. The adjustable drawstring, together with the detachable neck cord with elephant toggle, help to secure your hat in windy conditions - great for the back of open game drive vehicles or on boat rides.

A further benefit of this material is that it travels well. With metal wire built into the brim, this hat retains its shape for the purposes of packing. The adventure styling of this hat is elevated by the plaited leather hat band along the base of its full brim. Please note that it is best to either carry your hat when you travel, or to pack it flat. It should not be crushed when packing.

You don't have to feel the heat of the sun for damage to be done. Make sun protection part of your daily routine - and integrate it into your travels - to take care of your skin by the pool, on the beach, and for all outdoor activities. On safari and your warm-weather and adventure holidays, this will ensure painful sunburns don't get in the way of making wonderful and exciting memories. Offering SPF50+, this hat is an investment in optimal protection. Pair your hat with our high quality sunscreens and technical fabrics with built-in SPF for an holistic approach to sun care.

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2 Aug 2022

This hat is awesome! Being in the USA I was nervous about how long shipping would take, but I received my hat a week after placing the order with the standard speed. I got the L/XL with a 59cm measurement and it fits (and looks) great. There is an internal drawstring to adjust the head fit for fine tuning. The wire in the rim is also nice for helping the hat keep its shape. Overall very happy as this hat looks far better than anything I could find in the states and I am excited to take it on safari in a few weeks.

B. Acker, Micronesia

16 Sep 2020

I just today received my Rufiji leather safari hat and I am very happy. It fits great and looks great and I am very pleased. I live on a tropical island (Yap, Micronesia) and we get a lot of rain. Do I need to waterproof my hat and if so, what product do you recommend? Thank you. Stay safe
The Safari Store: Thank you Bill for your kind words. You are able to use this product on the hat for added waterproofing: Barmah Waterproofing and Conditioning Spray

Lori Cooper

23 Jul 2019

I wore this hat the entire time on my 2week safari to Tanzania. It was warm in the cold early mornings and cool during the hot afternoons. It was very comfortable! The hat didn't loose shape in my soft duffle that was checked on a 15 hour flight. I posted my pictures every day of our safari adventures. So many comments everyone loved the animals or my Hat!!

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Additional information

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Rufiji™ Leather Explorer Hat – Further Information:

⊙ WEIGHT: 300g

⊙ MATERIAL: Made from 100% leather with plaited leather hat band.


⊙ SUN PROTECTION: With a wrap-around brim in full leather, this hat provides superior all-round SPF50+ sun protection against harmful UV rays.

⊙ ADJUSTABLE FIT: An internal drawstring and elasticated internal sweatband allows for size adjustment and to secure a snug fit even in windy conditions - great for open game viewers or boat rides on safari..

⊙ DETACHABLE CHIN STRAP: The detachable leather chin strap with elephant toggle offers added assurance that you won't lose your hat on those windy beach days or drafty game drives.
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