Source Widepac Hydration System 3 Litre

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Source Widepac Hydration System 3 Litre
We always use the Source Widepac hydration system when on safari, hiking, or travelling. This is the best way to add a hydration system to a backpack or satchel
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⊙ Expedition-tested™ by our team on rivers, walking safaris, and in the mountains.
⊙ Simply fill with water and place inside your backpack or satchel and know that you will have 3 litres of water with you to quench your thirst as you explore. Turn your bag into a hydration pack simply by inserting this hydration system.
⊙ We recommend using this with the Mara&Meru 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 combination bags.
⊙ If you are worried about the water source, filter the water first using one of the LifeSaver products
⊙ Lightweight when empty: just 0.20kg.
⊙ Flexible design means that you only fill to the amount and weight and water you wish to carry. For example for short activities you may wish to only fill to 1 litre, but for longer day trips to the full 3 litres.
⊙ Rolls up very small when empty for packing.
⊙ Widepac Tech Wide Opening Access: Easy fill, clean, & drain, and ice insertion.
⊙ Patented airtight seal.
⊙ Grunge Guard Technology inhibits bacteria growth on the reservoir and drinking tube surfaces for the life of the system. Technology utilises FDA-approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agents.
⊙ Glass-Like: A multi-layer Polyethylene film utilises Source's Glass-Like technology, which prevents bio-film build up making the system self-cleaning. Source's Glass-Like film is 2000% smoother than standard TPU films, with virtually no difference from glass itself.
⊙ Taste-Free System co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste with no plastic flavour. BPA & Phthalate free.
⊙ Care-Free: Simply refill and drink again without special care.
⊙ Tube features: SQC Source Quick Connect; Helix Bite Valve; Dirt Shield.

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoors ⊙ Travel ⊙ Work ⊙ Everyday ⊙ Outdoor sports, hobbies, and activities ⊙ Adventure ⊙ Backpacking

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