'Southern African Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide,' by Mike Unwin


Most wildlife guide books focus on single groups of animals, but this handy book includes a wide selection of insects, birds & mammals and includes excellent photography and well-written text.


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Most wildlife guides focus on single groups of animals, but here in Mike Unwin’s informative and reader-friendly handbook we have a wide selection of insects, birds and mammals in one handy volume. Excellent photography and a well-written text covering identification as well as behavioural insights make for yet another outstanding guide in the Bradt series. For visitors and wildlife lovers not wanting to lug an entire reference library on safari, this welcome addition to African wildlife guides is the essential companion.

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Southern African Wildlife: A Visitor’s Guide – Further Information:

This is a fantastic, holistic guide for all travellers to Southern Africa. Unless your interest in birding or mammals is highly specialist in nature, this book should do for you. Otherwise, please take a look at the 'Sasol Birds of Southern Africa' and 'The Safari Companion.'
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