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The Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Cargo Safari Trousers are a lightweight option for stylish travel, safari, and everyday convenience. Roll-up leg tabs give you the versatility of longs and capris in one garment.

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Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 257g; ⊙ Made from 100% Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Ripstop Polyamide fabric with wicking and built-in SPF50+; ⊙ SilverPlus anti-bacterial technology; ⊙ Roll-up leg tabs for wear as 22” capris

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoors ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday ⊙ Outdoor activities ⊙ Adventure ⊙ Expeditions

Features: ⊙ Made from soft, strong, and cool 100% Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Ripstop Polyamide fabric with moisture wicking; ⊙ Trousers are easily convertible into stylish 22” capris by simply rolling up the legs and securing with the roll-up leg tabs for two garments in one – ideal for space and weight saving when packing; ⊙ Built-in SPF50+; ⊙ SilverPlus anti-bacterial technology to keep your trousers smelling fresh between washes; ⊙ Quick release from creasing for travel; ⊙ Five multi-functional pockets including two cargo pockets, one back pocket, and two hand pockets; ⊙ QuickDry material means you can wash and go in no time; ⊙ Radial leg gusset increases range of movement for outdoor activities by eliminating restriction and bunching; ⊙ Rise allows these trousers to be worn below the natural waist; ⊙ Waist is adjustable through the elasticated strip hidden on the inside of the waistband; ⊙ Belt loops to ensure the best fit and to style your trousers and shorts with your favourite belt; ⊙ Packaged in a bag made from recyclable paper as part of our 'say no to plastic' environmental philosophy

The Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Cargo Safari Trousers are a lightweight option for stylish travel, safari, and everyday convenience. Roll-up leg tabs give you the versatility of longs and capris in one garment.

In an on-going effort to meet the requirements of our clients for travel, safari, and the outdoors, we listen very carefully to feedback from clients and tour operators. In tailoring our range around our experience, this helps our designs meet popular preferences for flexibility and convenience on your adventures. As many women would prefer to pack lightweight safari trousers and shorts or sKorts rather than zip-off trousers, these trousers allow you to diversify your wardrobe and suitcase.

These safari cargo trousers are incredibly well-suited to safaris and the outdoors with the added flexibility of being able to convert them to capris by means of the roll-up leg tabs. When packing for safari or adventure travels, packing the Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Cargo Safari Trousers together with the safari sKorts or shorts is advisable to ensure that you take a complete range of clothing for all conditions. These trousers are very strong, functional, stylish, and incredibly lightweight and so are easily packed without a second thought.

MaraTech™ Ripstop fabric sets itself apart as being cool, lightweight, yet very strong. Its moisture wicking capabilities draw moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable in warmer climates and the built-in SPF offers maximum sun protection. The SilverPlus anti-bacterial technology keeps your trousers fresh between washes. It is also quick-drying and easily releases wrinkles, making it perfect for travel. To prove this point, the images of these trousers were taken using a pair of trousers that had just come out of one of our Rufiji™ travel bags.

The Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Zip-Off Safari Trousers were built for outdoor and everyday comfort and convenience. The side elasticated waistband allows you to adjust the waist for the ideal fit without a belt. That said, the belt loops on these trousers can further contribute to their fit or simply be used to accessorise your trousers with your favourite belt. These cargo safari trousers have two cargo pockets, one button-up back pocket, and two hand pockets – ample space for you to keep smaller items on game drives, walks, and other outdoor and daily activities.

These trousers are immensely comfortable for active outdoor pursuits like hiking, climbing, and water sports. This is achieved through the features of the fabric, as well as the radial leg gusset which eliminates restriction and bunching and increases the range of movement.

Say no to plastic packaging
Your Rufiji™ clothing is packaged in a recyclable paper bag. At The Safari Store, we are working hard to eliminate plastic from all of our packaging. This forms part of our commitment to a green future and the preservation of the environment, so future generations can enjoy pristine natural spaces.

Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Cargo Safari Trousers – Further Information:

⊙ MATERIAL: Made from 100% strong, lightweight Rufiji™ Ripstop MaraTech™ Polyamide fabric. Ripstop gives the fabric extra strength. Creases are quickly released after unpacking and the fabric is quick to dry for your convenience.

⊙ WICKING: Strong, cool MaraTech™ fabric draws perspiration away from skin and promotes quick evaporation for maximum dryness and comfort.

⊙ SPF50+: The Sun Protection Factor is a measure of the amount of the sun's ultraviolet rays that reach your skin. Our MaraTech™ fabric will protect your skin from harmful sun exposure - in effect, sunblock for your clothing. This is the highest SPF rating we know of on a garment.

⊙ ROLL-UP LEG TABS: The legs of these trousers can be rolled up and secured by means of the roll-up leg tabs. This very simply converts your trousers into 22” capris as a stylish alternative to longs for safari, travel, outdoor, and everyday versatility.

⊙ RADIAL LEG GUSSET: This design makes for an increased range of movement and eliminates bunching and restriction, making them a great choice for active outdoor pursuits.

⊙ ADJUSTABLE WAIST: The waist is adjustable via a discreet elastic strip on the inside of the waistband. Accessorise your outfit and further adjust the fit by pairing your cargo trousers with a belt.

⊙ POCKETS: Five multi-functional pockets including two cargo pockets, one button-up back pocket, and two hand pockets make these trousers a functional safari, travel, outdoor, and everyday choice and complement the overall look of the trousers.

*Please do not assume your size. Always check the size guide.
*We also recommend that you pack the Women's Safari sKorts.

About product
⊙ MATERIAL: Made from 100% Ripstop MaraTech™ (polyamide) fabric with built-in wicking, SPF50+, and anti-microbial finish.

• 40° warm wash
• Do not bleach
• Cool iron
• Dry cleanable
• Do not tumble dry

⊙ WEIGHT: 257g
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Size chart
cm / inch 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
1/2 Waist 38 cm 39 cm 40 cm 41 cm 42.5 cm 44.5 cm 46.5 cm 48.5 cm
1/2 Hip 47 cm 48 cm 49 cm 50 cm 51.5 cm 53.5 cm 55.5 cm 57.5 cm
Front Rise 25 cm 25.5 cm 26 cm 27 cm 28 cm 29 cm 31 cm 32 cm
Inside Leg 82.5 cm 82.5 cm 82.5 cm 82.5 cm 82.5 cm 82.5 cm 82.5 cm 82.5 cm
The measurements shown above are garment measurements. Please read our guide below before you order.

Three easy steps to ordering the right size: ⊙ With so many different brands from all over the world available on the high street and online, the only way to get your size right the first time round is to compare a garment you own and which fits you well with one of our garments. STEP 1: ⊙ You will need a measuring tape, a flat surface such as a table, a notepad to record your garment's measurements - and your own pair of trousers which are a comfortable fit. ⊙ Tip: If you do not have a measuring tape, use your credit card. The long side of a credit card measures 8.5cm and the short side is 5.4cm. Simply use the centimetre measurements on our chart and divide by 8.5cm to get an idea of how many credit card lengths equals the measurement you are recording. How to measure waist/front rise/inside legk STEP 2: Referring to the images above, place your trousers flat on the table and record the following measurements: ⊙ 1/2 Waist - Across the top of the waistband from corner to corner. Note that for women we also include hip which is across the trousers, measured 20cm below the waistband, but parallel to the waistband; ⊙ Front Rise - From the top of the front waistband to the crotch; ⊙ Inside Leg - From the crotch to the bottom of the hem on the trouser leg. STEP 3: Compare your measurements with our size chart and order the size closest to your measurements.Waist is usually the most important measurement if you are in a hurry, but checking all three will make for the most comfortable fit.

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Marianne Culich

6 Feb 2018

The shirt and pants I purchased arrived in beautiful packaging and when I tried them on I was delighted with how comfortable and light they felt and how attractive they looked.

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