Safari Outdoor & Travel Clothing By 1000Mile Socks

Clothing and accessories in non-safari colours. Quick release from wrinkles and fast-drying properties make our technical fabrics travel-friendly and perfect for the outdoors, travel, and everyday. All our clothing in non-safari colours are a great addition to your safari wardrobe for dinner and around the lodge.

Safari Outdoor & Travel Clothing Read our Safari Outdoor & Travel Clothing Packing Advice

  • While safari-coloured clothing is ideal to wear when you travel to your safari and to relax in around camp, sometimes nothing beats a crisp white shirt to wear around camp - or to dinner at night.
  • When our founder Steve used to work as a safari guide this is exactly what the guiding team used to do for dinner. After a long hot day in the sun, take a long bath or refreshing shower and put on a crisp white shirt or a stylish blue travel shirt for the evening to look and feel great.
  • Packing extra safari shirts will of course depend on how much space you have left in your safari luggage once you have packed the essential safari clothing and gear.
  • If space is limited only take an extra shirt which is not safari-coloured and wear the shirt with your safari trousers or shorts.
1000 Mile Blister-Free Fusion RUNNING Socks

1000 Mile Blister-Free Fusion RUNNING Socks

1000 Mile Blister-Free SKIING Socks

1000 Mile Blister-Free SKIING Socks


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