1000Mile Socks Safari Clothing For Boys & Girls

Uncompromising outdoor & safari clothing range for boys and girls which offers high levels of sun protection and insect defence for your kids for everywhere from the back garden to a safari in Africa. Dress them for exciting days on your family outings in clothing made from technical fabrics and kit them out with accessories for the young explorer.

Boys & Girls Safari Socks & Ankle Gaiters Read our Boys & Girls Safari Socks & Ankle Gaiters Advice Guide

  • Walking in the bush while on safari is the quintessential experience. We recommend it to all who go to Africa.
  • Whether you go for a short nature walk with your guide or a multi-day walking safari, please ensure that you pack safari-coloured safari socks which offer a double layer for blister protection. Bad blisters ruin good walks.
  • Ankle gaiters are ideal for walking in the bush as they offer both your ankles and socks more protection from thorns, wet grass, grass seeds, and anything scurrying around at ankle level. A must-have for longer walking safaris, but useful on any bush walk.

Number of blister-proof socks to pack for your safari:
Up to 4-day safari: x 2; Up to 8-day safari: x 3; Up to 12-day safari: x 4.

Number of Ankle Gaiters to pack for your safari:
Pack 1 x Pair per person.

Safari  - Ultimate Blister-Free Safari Socks

Ultimate Blister-Free Safari Socks in Green

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