• Safe drinking water accessories for safari & outdoors

    For expedition-style safaris, or if you simply would prefer tomake sure that you do not drink any water which may give you a stomach bug, pack one these expedition tested water filters

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  • Whether you are going on a full-blown walking safari or just a shorter game drive orientated safari, staying hydrated is important in Africa due to the hotter midday climate and dry air of many safari areas, which are high above sea level.
  • The benefits of staying well-hydrated in your day-to-day life are, of course, well-documented - and your safari holiday is no different.
  • Hydration packs which double as a small backpack are great for walking safaris as they allow you to drink on the go - and keep your hands free to use your binoculars or apply more sunscreen. However, they are limited in terms of space and so you are also able to carry them in addition to another backpack by slinging it over one shoulder or attaching it to your other backpack or satchel. The safari hydration pack we stock has plenty of points which can be used to attach it to another bag.
  • For active safaris such as walking safaris, gorilla safaris, canoe safaris, mekoro safaris, mountain bike and running safaris, always drink lots of water before you head out on your daily activities and then keep hydrated using your safari hydration pack.
  • Where your safari lodge has safe drinking water from which you can decant, simply fill up your safari hydration backpack before you head out into the bush. This is also good for the local environment, where dumping plastic bottles is always difficult. The last thing you want is the thought of your water bottle being dumped in the bush. The point being: it is always best to travel with your own water bottle or hydration pack into which you can pour safe drinking water.
  • Select a good hydration pack which packs very flat for when you are travelling to Africa, but which holds a good amount of water once you are there. Two- to three-litre water capacity is the ideal.
  • The pipe on a safari hydration pack also allows relatively hands-free drinking and limits wastage of water through spillage when you drink.

Number of safari hydration packs to pack for your safari:
1 x safari hydration pack per person.

The Active Safari Hydration Pack (3 litres)

The Active Safari Hydration Pack (3 litres) in Coyote

The Active Safari Hydration Pack (3 litres)

The Active Safari Hydration Pack (3 litres) in Olive

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