The Mara&Meru™ luggage range is all about quality, style and versatility. It is designed to suit your travel style - no matter where you go.

YOUbuy, WEgive

Each time you buy one of our Mara&Meru™ bags, we will donate a revolutionary Wonderbag to communities surrounding game reserves in Africa. You get the best product & contribute to community conservation in Africa. It is a win-win!

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You Choose which Bag to take.

The Mara&Meru™ bag is made up of a Core (at left above) which is ideal for short trips and everyday use. Onto this you are able to attach the various end pockets to create the size and type of bag You choose for longer adventures, as seen below.

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CORE + 2-in-1 End Pockets

When you order the Mara&Meru™ Everything Bag, this includes the Core bag and the two 2-in-1 end pockets. By zipping these end pockets onto the Core bag you transform the bag into one ideal for safaris and multi-day adventures & expeditions.

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CORE + 3-in-1 End Pockets

For even more space attach the fixed depth and adjustable depth 3-in-1 End Pockets simply by attaching them with the lockable zip. Once you arrive at your destination you then have two fully functional satchels or daypacks to take on excursions.

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CORE + 4-in-1 End Pocket

The 4-in-1 End Pocket, at right above, is incredibly versatile. Padded inserts create the perfect daypack/satchel camera bag for all your equipment. Remove those inserts and you have a vast interior to dramatically increase the size of the Core bag.

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