Men's NosiLife Adventure Long-Sleeved Safari Shirt

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The classic appeal of our peerless sun protective adventure shirt has made it a perennial favourite among seasoned travellers, delivering reliable sun protective, insect repellent performance the world over. Re designed for a fresh seasons adventures in crisp new colours and ready for your next expedition! NosiLife, is independently proven to reduce bites.

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Product Information

Features that make this NosiLife shirt the ideal shirt for your travels:

• Moisture control
• Lightweight
• Wash&Wear
• Security
• Solarshield collar
• Cooling collar
• Vented back
• Drying loops
• Roll-up sleeves
• Sunglasses wipe.
Lifetime guarantee.Applies for legitimate manufacturing fault and is at the manufacturers discretion. Does not cover wear and tear, accident or damage due to alterations.

NosiLife is insect-repellent clothing. Its active ingredients give a significant drop (80-90%) in mosquito bites and feeding & its anti-bacterial effect combats odour & infection.
-How does it work on clothing?
NosiLife is completely safe to mammals but toxic to all insects. As soon as they touch the fabric insects will be repelled or risk being killed by the treatment. It is equally effective on all insects from the Mosquito & Sand Fly to the Midge.
How long does it last?
NosiLife is permanent.

SolarDry fabric provides essential protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. All SolarDry fabrics are tested in every colour to ensure that they meet a minimum UPF 40+, the international standard for clothing to be considered truly protective.

This shirt has super-effective, discreet storage pockets to help keep your valuables safe. Secure zipped closures for added peace of mind when you're on the move.

The fabrics used to make this garment gives total 'easy care' attributes, such as fast drying and minimum ironing. This is achieved either through the use of crinkle weave constructions or by the addition of a finish that encourages creases to simply drop out.

Stay dry and comfortable all day in the hottest conditions with this special fabric designed to constantly move moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate naturally.

Product notes

How many to pack

1-3 nights on safari: 1 - 2 long sleeve safari shirts 4-6 nights on safari: 2 - 3 long sleeve safari shirts 7-10 nights on safari: 3 - 4 long sleeve safari shirts 11+ nights on safari: 4 or more long sleeve safari shirts

Further Information

**If we have sold out in your size please opt for RID Insect Repellent Spray plus one of our Rufiji MaraTech shirts. This combination is recommended by our safari experts as the best defense against biting insects and for the ultimate in lightweight, cool shirts.

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