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NEW Rufiji™ MARATech™ Safari Outdoorsman Shirt


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Experience the outdoors in the ultimate adventure travel shirt. Made from strong, light, technical fabric, our signature safari shirt is packed with features for comfort, protection, and convenience.

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Product Information

Elements and activities – the Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Safari Outdoorsman Shirt:

Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 240g; ⊙ Made from 100% MaraTech™ RipStop fabric with moisture wicking and built-in SPF; ⊙ SilverPlus anti-bacterial technology

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoors ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday ⊙ Outdoor activities ⊙ Adventure

Features: ⊙ Made from 100% strong and cool Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Ripstop fabric with moisture wicking; ⊙ Built-in SPF; ⊙ SilverPlus anti-bacterial technology to keep your shirt smelling fresh between washes; ⊙ Quick release from creasing for travel; ⊙ Two chest pockets with velcro closure; ⊙ Zipped security pocket; ⊙ Double tab and loop system for securing sleeves when rolled up; ⊙ Sunglasses loops to safely wear your sunglasses on your shirt; ⊙ +Vent hidden system along back top seam to keep you cool; ࣻ QuickDry material means you can wash and go in no time

Experience the outdoors in the ultimate adventure travel shirt. Made from strong, light, technical fabric, our signature safari shirt is packed with features for comfort, protection, and convenience.

As the first and most important piece in our range of safari and travel clothing for men, we believe we have created the ultimate adventure travel shirt in the adaptable Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Safari Outdoorsman. We strongly recommend wearing long-sleeved shirts on safari. The long-sleeved shirts within the Rufiji™ MaraTech™ range are ideal on safari and in the outdoors as they allow you to roll up and secure your sleeves when too hot or roll them down when chilly or to benefit from the protection offered by the fabric.

MaraTech™ Ripstop fabric sets itself apart as being cool, lightweight, yet very strong. Its moisture wicking capabilities draw moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable in warmer climates and the built-in SPF offers maximum sun protection. The SilverPlus anti-bacterial technology keeps your shirt smelling fresh between washes. It is also quick-drying and easily releases wrinkles, making it perfect for travel. The +Vent system of hidden vents along the top back seam also serves to promote movement of air around the body.

Expedition testing and countless hours outdoors mean we have developed the Rufiji™ range of clothing that meet our demands and standards. Our in-house testing ensures we deliver high quality clothing with features to make for comfortable, stylish wearing no matter where you are. The sunglasses loops on the inside of the shirt are an industry first and were designed to secure your sunglasses to your shirt to stop them falling out when you bend over.

The double roll-up sleeve tabs are hidden when the sleeves are down, but hold your sleeves in place when rolled up. The double loop and tab design is an adaptation added from our expedition-testing and was developed to keep your rolled-up sleeves in place even when wet.

The Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Safari Outdoorsman Shirt also has two easily accessible Velcro pockets and an additional zipped security pocket for your convenience. These features combine to create a safari shirt which is adapted to the outdoors, but which is equally enjoyable to wear every day.

About Rufiji™ Outdoor Apparel: We have spent years going on safari and we know African and adventure travel conditions intimately. We know what works best in extreme climes and what we demand from the clothing we wear. Simply put, other products on the market did not perform to our standards. The next step was obvious: to design and manufacture our own safari & adventure clothing range. The Rufiji™ Range was born. The result is a line of clothing that has been tailored for your travels.

Cleaning instructions:
Please wash as per cleaning instructions on the label.
- Warm wash
- Do not bleach
- Cool iron
- Dry cleanable
- Do not tumble dry

How many to pack

1-3 nights on safari: 1 - 2 long sleeve safari shirts 4-6 nights on safari: 2 - 3 long sleeve safari shirts 7-10 nights on safari: 3 - 4 long sleeve safari shirts 11+ nights on safari: 4 or more long sleeve safari shirts

Further Information

Rufiji&trade MaraTech™ Safari Outdoorsman Shirt – Further Information:

⊙ MATERIAL: 100% strong, lightweight Rufiji™ Ripstop MaraTech™ fabric. Quickly releases creasing caused by packing. Ripstop gives the fabric extra strength. Creases are quickly released after unpacking and the fabric is quick to dry for your convenience.

⊙ WICKING: Strong, cool MaraTech™ fabric draws perspiration away from skin and promotes quick evaporation for maximum dryness and comfort.

⊙ SPF50+: The Sun Protection Factor is a measure of the amount of the sun's ultraviolet rays that reach your skin. Our MaraTech™ fabric will protect your skin from harmful sun exposure - in effect, sunblock for your clothing. This is the highest SPF rating we know of on a garment.

⊙ ANTI-BACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY: SilverPlus anti-bacterial technology keeps your shirt smelling fresh for much longer without washing.

⊙ +VENT SYSTEM: This shirt includes our new +Vent system. This system increases the flow of air around your body by including hidden vents along the seam-line of the back, top section of the shirt.

⊙ ROLL-UP SLEEVE TABS: Use the double tab-and-loop system for flexibility and convenience. The tabs secure the sleeves when they're rolled up but remain hidden when sleeves are down. We have added in a second sleeve tab per sleeve to keep your sleeves in place when wet – another adaptation based on our expedition testing.

⊙ SUNGLASSES LOOPS: An industry first! Many of us carry our sunglasses hooked over the top button of our shirts but, as we all know, our sunglasses often fall out when we bend over. We tested and trialled new sunglasses loops on the inside of the shirt. To prevent your sunglasses from falling out, simply use the first loop to secure them in place. If you are doing more active outdoor activities, loop through the top and bottom loop. It is a simple solution, but highly effective.

⊙ POCKETS: Pockets: Two chest pockets with velcro closure for easy access, as well as a zipped security pocket (fits 90x125mm passport).

*Please do not assume your size - always check the size guide below. If your size is out of stock please either order in a different colour or view the Adventurer shirt or the NosiLife shirt

Product Review

What the safari specialists say about this safari shirt: "Uganda was outstanding. I returned on the weekend. The long-sleeved shirt was great in all respects. The zip security pocket is an excellent idea." John Berry, Managing Director of Zambezi Safari Company after wearing the Men's Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Long-Sleeved Shirt on safari in Uganda.
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