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Women's Rufiji™ BUGTech™ SafariLife™ Long Sleeve Travel & Everyday Shirt

$42.95 $53.75

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Activities: ⊙ Travel ⊙ Outdoors, Expeditions & Outdoor sports ⊙ Everyday use

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Product Information

How many to pack

As this is a lifestyle shirt this does not really apply. Wear this shirt every day, to work, on walks, as you travel. Remember that the shirt also has SilverPlus™ built in to keep you smelling fresh for days on end.

Further Information

Features that make this BUGTech™ SafariLife™ shirt the ideal shirt for your travels:
• Proven in independent tests by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Pesticide Trial Section to effectively repel insects. Please click here to view the test results. We know of no other manufacturer willing to publish their results.
• The majority of insect repellent garments on the market today have very poor wicking as it usually conflicts with the insect repellent finish on fabric. And so while your garment may keep insects away, without wicking the shirt will not keep you cool. We tested our BUGTech™ against our MaraTech™ range which is highly effective at wicking moisture away from your skin. Test results will be published soon.
• Weight: Only 160 grams.
• Strong, Cool Fabric: 100% Rufiji™ Ripstop BUGTech™ Fabric. Quickly releases wrinkling caused by packing.
• Anti-bacterial technology keeps your shirt smelling fresh for much longer without washing.
• Pockets: Two chest pockets with velcro closure for easy access. • +Vent System: This shirt includes our new +Vent system which increases the flow of air around your body by including hidden vents along the seam-line of the back, top section of the shirt.
• Feminine Cut: The shape of this shirt ensures that the days of boring, shapeless safari shirts are long gone!
• Moisture Wicking: Moves perspiration away from skin and promotes quick evaporation for maximum dryness and comfort.
• QuickDry: This shirt will wash and dry quickly, to ensure that you are able to wear your shirt time and again on your safari or travels. • Roll-up Sleeve Tabs: Use the tab-and-loop system for flexibility and convenience. The tabs secure the sleeves when they’re rolled up, but remains hidden when sleeves are down.
• SPF50+: The Sun Protection Factor is a measure of the amount of the sun's ultraviolet rays that reach your skin. Our BUGTech™ fabric will protect your skin from harmful sun exposure - in effect sunblock for your clothing.
• The BUGtech fabric is perfectly safe and can be worn by all ages. The active ingredient has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for application onto textiles & clothing. It is non-leaching i.e. won't transfer from the fabric / garment onto the wearers skin hence even if one was to perspire heavily or lick the fabric, there is no chance of the Vital Protection transferring.

Product Review

Our new SafariLife™ range is based on our bestselling Rufiji MaraTech™ SafariElite shirts, but in a high street friendly colour to suit just about any activity. You are now able to reap the benefits of wearing our superb MaraTech fabric when you travel to your safari, for walks in the country, to wear to work, for Sunday lunch at the pub and for other non-safari activities including photography, fishing, hiking...the list is endless. Add to this our new SilverPlus™ finish and your shirt will smell fresh for longer without further washing, which is ideal for travelling and fishing. Our new Powder Blue colour is very much in fashion too!
About our BUGTech™ fabric: In a nutshell we did not want to jump onto the insect repellent clothing bandwagon without first being 100% certain that you as our clients were receiving a shirt which actually worked. We were most concerned about the following: • That we developed the best possible insect repellent finish and had it tested independently to ensure that it actually worked; • That in the evolution from MaraTech to BUGTech™ fabric, the high level of wicking of our MaraTech fabric was not lost or hindered in anyway. The problem with most other insect repellent brands of clothing is that the wicking effect is retarded by the addition of the insect repellent finish. In effect you end up wearing a plastic bag. • Many other brands forego this testing and rely on massive marketing campaigns to sell their garments. In developing the BUGTech™ fabric we were guided by our new mantra for our Rufiji clothing range: "No Marketing Hype. Just the Facts." Please click here to view the test results for the independent Mosquito testing by the SABS. • If you have any questions regarding BUGTech™ and the development of the fabric please do not hesitate to contact us.
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