Safari Fleeces & Gilets

Due to the early morning and late afternoon activities, often in open Land Rovers, packing a fleece for your safari is a must! Depending on the season, for your safari you will need either a long sleeve or gilet safari fleece, which you should wear with a long sleeve safari shirt. Our fleeces are made from warm and cosy Rufiji Fleece Fabric with a choice between our industry leading bonded fleece fabric and polar fleece fabric. We have also redesigned all our fleeces recently to vastly improve on the cut and styling and bring them in line with the rest of our Rufiji range. They look great (as the images show). If you are not convinced about the need for a fleece for your safari please either contact us or read this quote from a previous client: "My husband did not procure one of your safari fleeces before we went and alluded to the fact whilst shivering on the back of a land rover on an early morning game drive that obviously you knew what you were talking about." (R. Kneller who travelled to Botswana in the hottest month of the year - October).

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