Welcome to The Safari Store's Partners Programme

At The Safari Store, we believe that great clothing and gear vastly improve the enjoyment of any experience - whether on safari or beyond safari. After all, safari style is eternal - and safari-functional means outdoor-adventure-ready: everywhere, from the sophistication of the city to the wild grasslands of the Serengeti. Our partners programme allows your audience (our collective term for your target market: clients, readers, and viewers) access to our range of clothing and gear - and is designed to also provide great benefits for your team and your company. Partnership has many benefits. Whether you are a tour operator looking to give your clients the best safari advice, clothing, and gear or a travel blogger offering value to the travel and outdoor market online, work with The Safari Store to earn commission by giving your audience the best fit-for-purpose, expedition and style tested outdoor clothing, luggage, and gear. You will release untapped revenue by marketing our products.

Please scroll down to learn about the benefits of our partners programme and to find out how much we pay in commission. The partner links will also come in handy as you find out more about our partners programme.

Woman in Paris wearing safari style clothing.

Beyond Safari

With the word 'safari' in our name and, of course, with a deep passion for safari, it is no surprise that our partners market our products and advice to their safari audience. We do also encourage our partners to look beyond safari to maximise commissions earned. Not only is safari style always in fashion, but safari products - made and tested for harsh African environments - are the best products for all destinations: from country lane walks to backcountry adventures; from the Alps to Asia.

  • Safari style: We have style tested our products in the fashion capital of the world: Paris. As an example of what we mean, take a look at our Paris lookbook for ideas and inspiration for marketing our products beyond safari. You will also be able to shop the look of Claire, our writer, in the image which appears with this section.
  • Safari functionality: Read our article on why safari clothing & gear is the best for the outdoors too. It really does not matter what your audience does when they leave their front door, there is always a place for our range of clothing, luggage, and gear. But don't take our word for it; well-known adventurers such as Steve Backshall choose to wear our clothing.
  • Alpine-tested warm-weather clothing: On safari, people need a warm layer, so we also make great cold-weather jackets and accessories. We have alpine-tested our range of fleeces, jackets, beanies, and scarves to ensure that they are very cosy, warm, and look great too. What is more, our Thusk range of knitwear is one of our core community projects which employs Zulu grandmothers in South Africa to make the range. This is another facet of our offering to consider when marketing to your audience.
  • Fall in love with our safari-styled luggage: Safari style really comes to the fore in our canvas and leather luggage range. It is perhaps not surprising that our luggage is very popular with our clients for use on safari, but also for weekends away, business, and everyday use. As a result, we highly recommend that you market our luggage range to your audience. It is also worth noting that commission payments are really good here, as our bigger bags are bigger ticket items too - and are easy to market to your audience.

  • Woman in safari shirt looking at a zebra on safari.

    Benefits for Your Audience

    We are an extension of the high-quality service you already offer to your audience. By referring your audience to The Safari Store, you provide added value to your existing services and are assured your audience will receive:

  • World-class service.
  • Impartial, expert packing advice backed up by our industry-leading packing lists and well-travelled, experienced team. On request, we are also able to create tailor-made, itinerary-specific packing lists for clients you feel would benefit from this personalised service.
  • A range of made-for-purpose, expedition-tested products. Your clients or audience can shop online with us with confidence, as we only stock the best-in-class products.
  • One online location where your audience are able to buy everything they need for their next adventure.
  • A rental service to ensure that your audience do not travel without essential accessories such as binoculars. By enabling your audience to make the most of their experiences, the overall enjoyment of their holidays will be enhanced – which is what your business is all about, after all.
  • Delivery of their order in record time through our worldwide delivery network.

  • Man wearing safari clothing walking away from mokoro in Okavango Delta.

    Benefits for Your Team

    We want you and your staff to see us as part of your team. We are here to assist your team members as they serve your audience in the following ways:

  • By partnering with The Safari Store, your team will have a trusted partner to whom they are able to refer your audience. As the leading specialists in packing for holidays, we are perfectly placed to answer the often-asked question: "What should we pack?"
  • As a result, we save your team time so that they are able to concentrate on best serving the requirements of your audience in your area of expertise. Time saved is money saved, after all.
  • While we test all our products on expeditions, we want your team to use our products too. You are able to use the commission earned through the programme to purchase clothing and gear for your team. On a case-by-case basis, we may also be able to offer your team a discount off our range of high-quality travel products.

  • Man wearing safari clothing on safari walking away from tent in Africa.

    Benefits for Your Company

    In addition to the above, partnering with us will offer your company the following extra benefits:

  • Release untapped revenue through commission when your audience make a purchase.
  • Form a partnership with experts in safari and travel gear. We are a company which prides itself on offering only the best products and expert packing advice.
  • Maximise the exposure your brand receives. Our affiliate programme places your logo above ours when your audience shops with us. You will also be listed on our partners and tour operator pages.
  • Reward hard work. Your staff play an important role in our partnership. They do the hard work for you and we know you feel that they should be rewarded for their efforts. Should you wish to reward them further, we are able to give you department-specific codes so that any commissions earned go directly to the team members in that department.
  • We prefer to work with our partners when we write our safari stories - and will happily reference your company for all quotes, information, and images we use. This is valuable exposure for your company.
  • Branded gifts make a great gift for your audience. We are able to offer discounts on bulk orders for some of our range so that you may have them embroidered using your local embroidery company of choice.

  • Commission Information

    Here you will find out more about commission percentages paid to you as our partner, how we structure commissions paid to partners, and also the added branding and commmission benefits you will enjoy as part of our affiliate programme.

    We call all people you are able to reach out to your audience. This includes the people you reach through all your platforms, such as blogs, vlogs, visitors to your site, people who see your messaging on social media, or clients on your database.

    Commission summary:
    As a partner, you will earn up to 12% commission from sales generated when your audience either uses your partner-specific discount code online or clicks on a link with your unique partner's affiliate code in the url and then shop with us online.

    Always earn full commission:
    Unlike some partner or affiliate programmes, we always pay you the full commission due on all purchases attributable to partner discount codes or affiliate links - and we do not pay less commission for indirect purchases. For example, with some other affiliate/partner programmes, you might only earn the full commission they advertise on the actual item the audience member has clicked through to purchase - and then earn significantly less should the purchaser buy anything else in the same, or any other, commission category. As an example: 1. You link to product X, advertised to earn you 12% commission; 2. The purchaser purchases the product, but also adds on another product, product Y, in the same commission category; 3. With The Safari Store, you will earn 12% commission on both products, whereas, with some other programmes, you would only earn 12% for product X - and only 1 or 2% on product Y. We do not believe that this is fair and will record and pay out the full commission amount due to you for both direct and indirect purchases - of course according to the commission tiers shown below. This also makes it easier for you to advertise more general categories - for example "safari shirts" - rather than a specific safari shirt. We feel that this increases the choices available to your audience and the chance that a sale is made - so that you earn commission.

    When is commission recorded and payable?:
    Commissions are recorded at the point of purchase, once payment has been made, and are recorded less VAT and shipping. Commissions are payable to you after a period of 90 days has lapsed from the date of purchase. This is the same with all partner/affiliate programmes, as it allows for returns and refunds on transactions. Please note that we also have minimum amounts which your account needs to reach before we pay your commission. For more information please see: how to claim commission.

    Commission product groups:
    So that you know the exact commission you will earn on different products, we divide our range into product groups which are tiered from bronze, up to silver, then gold, and finally to platinum. Platinum Tier products earn the most commission and Bronze Tier products earn the lowest commission. We also have two different ways for you as our partner to earn commission and we find that using a combination of both is the best way for our partners to earn the most commission.

    1. Partner discount codes:
    The first way to earn commission is to simply advertise your partnership with us and offer your audience a discount when they purchase items from us. This discount code then also records an agreed partner commission when a person enters the discount online at checkout. We call these partner discount codes. The standard set-up for partner discount codes is to offer your audience up to 10% off their purchase from thesafaristore.com - and you then earn up to 5% commission on any purchases made by your audience. The amounts which your audience receive off as a discount are also set according to the Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tiers. Please note that it is important that your clients know that the offer is for 'up to 10% off' and not for 10% off all items. Please do relay this information clearly in your messaging to your clients. It is also important to let your clients know that the discount code must be placed in the basket before payment is made as we are not able to apply discount codes retrospectively once payment has been made. Your client must enter the discount code in the basket underneath the main button called 'Proceed to Secure Checkout' where it says 'Click here if you have a discount code'. Again, we cannot apply discount codes retrospectively once payment has been made. There is more information on commissions and discounts in the section below.

    2. Affiliate links:
    This is the more traditional model for affiliate programmes and uses a cookie to record sales generated when your audience clicks through - from media you have generated - on to our online store. All you need to do is add a simple code on to the end of any url link to our online store. A simple example to illustrate this would be the following. If you want to promote our shirts, then you would link to our site with url: https://www.thesafaristore.com/en/safari-shirts?aid=YOUR-AFFILIATE-CODE. The affiliate code is in the form of "?aid=12345678" with 12345678 being your unique code which we will set up for you. The affiliate link is a great way to weave in targeted links which relate to the content in your media. You are also able to target specific products, our stories, and advice pages. It really does allow you to link to anything on our online store and the cookie does the rest. Cookies are live for 30 days, but cookies do refresh each time the same audience member revisits our site through a url with your affiliate code on it.

    A first - Affiliate link with your branding on our store:
    The other big plus for the affiliate programme is that we also brand our online store with your logo. Your logo will appear just above our logo on our online store and means that we are able to offer what no other affiliate code offers: brand exposure continuity and increased loyaly to your brand. It is marketing rocket fuel for your brand.

    Partners with the original affiliate codes:
    These affiliate codes will still record sales, but at the partner discount code level and not at the new affiliate code levels. Please contact us to obtain a new affiliate code which will record commission at the higher commission levels. Please note that if you do not contact us then we are not able to set up your new affiliate code and you will continue to earn commission at the original affiliate code level. We will also be proactively contacting our current partners to set up the new affiliate codes.

    Commission amounts by tier:

    Platinum Tier:
    -Partner discount codes: Earn 5% commission on all direct and indirect purchases when your audience shops for products in the Platinum Tier. This is the tier where your audience earns 10% off on their purchase.
    -Affiliate links: Earn 12% commission on all direct and indirect purchases when your audience shops for products in the Platinum Tier.

    View Platinum Tier Products >

    Gold Tier:
    -Partner discount codes: Earn 5% commission on all direct and indirect purchases when your audience shops for products in the Gold Tier. This is the tier where your audience earns 5% off on their purchase.
    -Affiliate links: Earn 5% commission on all direct and indirect purchases when your audience shops for products in the Gold Tier.

    View Gold Tier Products >

    Silver Tier:
    -Partner discount codes: Earn 3% commission on all direct and indirect purchases when your audience shops for products in the Silver Tier. This is the tier where your audience earns 3% off on their purchase.
    -Affiliate links: Earn 3% commission on all direct and indirect purchases when your audience shops for products in the Silver Tier.

    View Silver Tier Products >

    Bronze Tier:
    Note: We created the new Bronze Tier as there are many high-value, but low-margin products, which are great for you to promote to your audience as they are desirable products - and often the best available today. Swarovski binoculars are a good example of this. The percentage may be low, but the value of the commission earned per product may be very good in the Bronze Tier.
    -Partner discount codes: Does not apply.
    -Affiliate links: Earn 2% commission on all direct and indirect purchases when your audience shops for products in the Bronze Tier.

    View Bronze Tier Products >

    Please also read our section on how to claim commission for more commission terms & information.

    Please note that we reserve the right to edit which products appear in which tier as pricing for products change over time. We also reserve the right to edit tier discount code and affiliate link commission percentages, with the changes updated on this page, so please do check back regularly.

    Important information about our copyright-protected content:

    Our content is unique to The Safari Store and is protected by copyright. While partners are given permission to link to the pages on our online store, stories, and advice pages to drive sales and to earn commission, please note that our copyrighted content may not be copied or pasted onto your website, blog, social media, or into any traditional media format. This is a breach of our copyright and intellectual property and we reserve the right to take appropriate action against any breach of our copyright. For images the same applies, unless you are using an image from our partner images page, or have written permission from a director of The Safari Store to use an image - and then it must only be used to link to our online store, show our logo on the image, and reference "Copyright TheSafariStore.com". Contact us if you have any questions regarding this Copyright message.

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