The Best Farm Trousers and Shorts

The Best Farm Trousers and Shorts

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C. Fraser Claire

The best farm clothing helps you to work at your best. Look for longs that offer features for the outdoors, versatility, comfort, and protection.

Farm Trousers that Get the Job Done

These days, outdoor workwear has advanced to incorporate exciting modern-day features to fit the needs of your workday. This means fabrics are adapted to common outdoor conditions, with features to keep you dry and cool, but also to protect you from the sun and insects. The best trousers for farmers combine these features with practical designs around versatility. Outdoor work conditions can change from morning to night and clever, adaptable designs are perfect for uninterrupted workflow, supreme comfort, and maximised productivity. Convertible trousers are longs and shorts in one, while technical features remove the worry around what you wear out in the field, in the barn, and as you work.

Top 3 Things to Look for in Farm Trousers

  1. Fabric Features for the Outdoors: Farmers face unique challenges. Their workdays include daily, day-long exposure to the sun and working in the field and around livestock makes insects worthy of consistent consideration. Specialised fabrics – developed for the outdoors – are the simple way to use what you wear to counteract these challenges. Mix and match the features you need to your farm life - from insect defence and sun protection to waterproofing and moisture wicking.
  2. Design features that make a difference: The best farm pants take changing conditions of the day into account. Convertible, zip-off trousers are a fantastic choice for farmers because they are longs and shorts in one. Work doesn't stop for a wardrobe change and that is where this design is especially useful.
  3. Comfort, fit, style, and versatility.: Ultimately, the best farm trousers are the ones that provide the most comfort and ease of motion in every setting. By selecting outdoor and farm trousers in classic designs, these are also perfect country trousers that look good and offer outdoor benefits on walks, fishing trips, and general outdoor recreation.

The Workwear Essentials: Farm Trousers for Men, Women, and Children

  • Convertibles are the best – and that's the long and short of it: By removing the choice between trousers and shorts, dressing for work has never been easier. Our top recommendation for the best farm trousers is to choose a pair of zip-off trousers in technical fabrics. This is hands down the best way to prepare for the day and to prepare for any change in conditions. Mix and match your farm clothing wardrobe by stocking up on cargoes or shorts in different designs to keep your farm style fresh and functional.
  • Stock up on practical farm pants and shorts by shopping our range of bestsellers.

Bestselling Women's Farm Trousers, Shorts, and Skorts

Pioneer Women's Anti-Insect Zip-Off Farm Trousers
Pioneer BUGTech™ Anti-Insect Zip-Off Trousers

• Made from lightweight anti-insect ripstop fabric.
• Converts from full-length trousers to capris or shorts.
• Built-in UPF50+ sun protection, anti-bacterial properties, and wicks moisture for coolness, dryness, and comfort.
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Serengeti Women's Jogger Farm Pants
Mara&Meru™ Serengeti Jogger Pants

• Made from lightweight cotton/spandex.
• Super-comfy design, with an elasticated waist with adjustable drawstring and elasticated ankles.
• Stylish enough to wear anywhere.
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Serengeti Women's Farm Shorts
Mara&Meru™ Serengeti Farm Shorts

• Made from lightweight cotton/spandex blend.
• Elasticated waist and drawstring for a comfortable fit.
• Made in a Bermuda short style - knee-length with buttoned tabs.
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Serengeti Women's Farm Skorts
Mara&Meru™ Serengeti Farm sKorts

• Made from lightweight cotton/rayon fabric.
• Culotte-style design: a skirt with built-in shorts for carefree ease of movement.
• Styled for mobility and comfort, with an elasticated waistband and rise sitting just above the natural waist.
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Men's Bestselling Farm Trousers and Shorts

Explorer Men's Anti-Insect Zip-Off Farm Pants
Explorer BUGTech™ Anti-Insect Zip-Off Farm Trousers

• Made from our latest ultra-light BUGTech™ anti-insect micro-ripstop fabric.
• Converts from longs into three-quarters or shorts, with design features for optimal comfort.
• Moisture wicking, UPF50+ sun protection, and anti-bacterial properties.
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Savute Men's Cargo Pants for Farmers
Mara&Meru™ Savute Farm Cargo Trousers

• Made from lightweight cotton/spandex fabric.
• Elasticated waistband and adjustable drawstring for a comfortable fit and mobility.
• Cargo pant design with six pockets for convenience as you go on the farm.
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Savute Men's Cargo Shorts for Farmers
Mara&Meru™ Savute Farm Cargo Shorts

• Made from lightweight cotton/spandex fabric.
• Rugged and comfortable, with elasticated waistband and adjustable drawstring for fit.
• Cargo short design with six pockets for convenience as you go on the farm.
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Adventurer Men's Farming Trousers by The Safari Store
BUGTech™ Adventurer All-Day-Longs Anti-Insect Farm Trousers

• Made from our latest ultra-light BUGTech™ anti-insect micro-ripstop fabric.
• Classic cargo trouser design.
• Moisture wicking, UPF50+ sun protection, and anti-bacterial properties.
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Bestselling Children's Farm Trousers

Rufiji Anti-Insect Farm Trousers for Children
BUGTech™ Anti-Insect Zip-Off Farm Trousers

• Made from lightweight BUGTech™ anti-insect ripstop fabric.
• Trousers zip off at the knee to quickly and easily convert to shorts.
• UPF50+ sun protection, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial finish.
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What Makes BUGTech™ Farm Trousers Special?

  • All the Essential Farm Features: Anti-insect clothing rarely provides effective moisture wicking - the ability of the fabric to draw moisture away from the skin and dry quickly. This is important for keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable in warm weather and high-exertion activities. In developing our BUGTech™ fabric, we wanted to strike a balance to offer both of these essential features of the best outdoor clothing.
  • Lab and Field Tests to be the Best: Our BUGTech™ fabric has been independently lab tested to ensure we can stand by our claims. However, the best test for the features is out in the field. BUGTech™ has been tested, changed, retested, and refined to meet our standards for the outdoors.

If you work outside every day, you need extra sun and insect protection.

  • By selecting the right clothing, you have taken vital first steps in protecting yourself from long-term sun damage and the disease and discomfort that comes with insect bites. However, it is always good to take extra precautions to ensure your wellbeing and comfort today and long into the future.
  • Use the best Australian insect repellents: Complement the work of anti-insect clothing and get an insect repellent barrier for your skin with the best bug spray. Australians understand bugs better than most and it naturally follows that the brands they trust for insect protection really work. Bushman Ultra Insect Repellent is trusted by families every day in Australia. We have also extensively tested them for ourselves in the countryside, outdoors, and around Africa on safari and have been very satisfied with the results. Want to go DEET-free? Our top choice is Mosi-guard Extra Natural Insect Repellent.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen: Exposed skin is vulnerable to sun damage, even during overcast days. The best sun care strategy combines covering up in the best farm clothing, together with a reliable sunscreen spray. For total effectiveness, reapply as the day goes by to avoid burns and unseen damage to your skin.

Build a Never-Fail Farm Wardrobe For Comfort and Protection

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