The Best Women's Farm Clothes: Made for Days Outdoors

The Best Women's Farm Clothes: Made for Days Outdoors

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C. Fraser Claire

Working outdoors demands clothing made to match the elements – so you can go about your daily tasks without worrying about what you're wearing

Farmers face unique wardrobe challenges. What you wear affects comfort and productivity as you work and responsibilities don't wait for you to go home for a costume change. Few farm clothing companies provide stylish, easy-wearing clothing specifically built for the outdoors. At The Safari Store, our women's farm clothing has been expedition tested - worn day after day whatever the conditions - to ensure they are some of the best for the outdoors. The result is a specialised range of clothes for the field, town outings, and for outdoor recreation with features for protection, style, and performance.

Top Women's Farm Clothes Essentials :

1. Women's Farm Shirts that Work for You:
Farming can be hot and sweaty work. Start layering up for the day in a women's long-sleeved farm shirt - made from technical fabric. Our lightweight BUGTech™ fabric offers UPF50+ sun protection, anti-bacterial properties, and moisture wicking properties to keep you cool, dry, and unimpeded by heavy fabrics. BUGTech™ has added anti-insect benefits, helping you to avoid insect bites, stings, and general irritation.

A long-sleeved farm shirt protects the arms from sun exposure. When you really need to roll up your sleeves and get to work, our roll-up sleeve tabs give you the flexibility of securing your sleeves above the elbow for convenience.

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2. Women's Farm Trousers and Shorts:

Convertible trousers are an under-utilised item of ladies' farmwear for flexibility in the field. In technical fabrics, they are the perfect way to cover up calves and ankles for dewy early morning walks. With built-in UPF50+, they are also a great sun protection method for your lower body. BUGTech™ fabric also reduces the chance of tick and insect bites as you go. As the day heats up or in situations where shorts are preferable, zip off the trouser legs at the knee for quick and easy shorts.

These lightweight zip-off farm trousers are made for movement - from long days in and out of vehicles to extended hours of walking. Whether worn as trousers or shorts, this essential item of lady farmer clothing is made for women to enjoy the outdoors.

If the forecast makes shorts a must, choose from stylish women's shorts or ultra-functional and feminine farm skorts. These culotte-style outdoor skorts give the appearance of a skirt with the mobility and peace of mind of shorts. If you opt for skorts in technical fabrics, you also get built-in sun protection features and moisture wicking properties.

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3. Ladies' Farm Boots and Shoes:

Women's farm workwear is incomplete without leather work boots. Leather is tough, timeless, stylish, and assumes the shape of your foot as it ages. Chelsea work boots are a firm farming favourite and are the best slip-on work boots. They also look good for those unscheduled town trips. The Buffalo Boot has a robust, off-road rubber sole and genuine leather upper – made in Africa by professional artisan shoemakers. It's also got double reinforced pull-on tabs and a micro and leather in-sole for reduced seepage in wet conditions.

Prefer lace-up boots? The Rufiji™ APU Combat Boots are made for anti-poaching patrol men and women around Africa. This makes them one of the most formidable ladies' farm boots because they are made for walking - day after day and over every form of terrain.

The veldskoen - a shoe style that is growing in global popularity - has its origins in country living. The Rufiji Explorer Veldskoen Shoes are crafted from genuine suede leather to be the always-comfortable, always-reliable, always-stylish go-to farm shoe. They are also available in the classic high-top desert boot style.

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4. Warm Layers: Women's Farm Jackets and Fleeces:

The key to dressing for full days outdoors is to dress in layers. This gives you the ability to remove layers as the day heats up or as exertion demands. Our range of jackets and fleeces are ideal for farming. A high-quality fleece jacket is a go-to staple for farmers and outdoorsmen and women.

Some of the most effective women's farm work clothing offer utility features. Multi-pocket gilets and utility vests are the ideal way to keep smaller essentials on-hand as you work. With pockets of different sizes, this is undeniably one of the most useful women's farm clothes for every lady farmer's wardrobe.

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5. Insect Protection for Farmers:

Time in pastures and around livestock makes farmers vulnerable to tick bites and tick-borne diseases and means increased exposure to other biting and stinginginsects. Farmers need to give real thought to their insect protection strategies for health, wellness, and business continuity. Anti-insect clothing is a good place to start and wearing long sleeves and trousers makes good sense. Insect protection offered by these garments should be bolstered by using other insect protection accessories like Australian-made insect repellent sprays (expedition tested in Africa to work everywhere) or slipping a pair of gaiters over your boots.

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6. Sun protection for farmers:

The nature of farm work means extended hours out in the sun. The effects of this for farmers and other outdoor workers is potential premature aging, skin damage, and health implications. As with insect protection, farmers need an effective sun protection strategy they can simply and easily utilise every day.

Covering up is the most effective way to protect skin from the sun. Wearing farm clothing in technical fabrics with built-in sun protection properties is the perfect starting point in any sun protection strategy. Carry reliable sunscreen spray wherever you go to ensure exposed skin is always protected. This is especially useful for your face, neck, and hands or for when warm days require shorts and short sleeves.

When it comes to protecting your face and neck, nothing beats a women’s farm hat. Wide-brimmed hats offer 360-degree protection for the face and neck – an essential sun protection accessory for any farmer. In a range of designs – from panama hats and fedoras to classic leather hats, form meets function for farmers with classic sunhats.

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