Safari toiletry travel bags for men & women

Complete your safari luggage collection with safari and travel washbags. Our full-leather and canvas and leather options for men and women exemplify rugged safari elegance. Enjoy unique hanging toiletry bags and zipped designs.

Safari Toiletry Bags for Travel Read our Safari Toiletry Bags for Travel Advice Guide

  • Most safari luggage does not have a built in area for a safari washbag - mind you, not many bags do - and so you should keep your toiletries separate to your clothes by using a safari washbag.
  • If you prefer to travel with your own soap, then please select one of our washbags which comes with a wooden soap box so that you don't get soap on your toothbrush.

Number of safari washbags to pack for your safari:
1 x safari washbag per person.

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