The Best Farmer Jackets, Fleeces, and Knitwear

The Best Farmer Jackets, Fleeces, and Knitwear

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C. Fraser Claire

Early starts and working outdoors through every season makes a warm layer a farmwear essential. Layer up to level-up your comfort and, with it, your productivity.

Farmer Jackets and Fleeces: Keeping You Warm While You Work

The key to working full days outdoors is to layer up for every weather eventuality. A warm layer is a farm workwear essential and should contain a few key items to match the conditions. From fleece-lined farmer jackets to fleece jackets and gilets, fill your farm wardrobe with fleecy farm favourites for warmth. You're just getting warmed up with jackets and gilets. Nothing beats knitwear for warmth. Add a beanie or scarf for extra snugness. Wool is right at home - and works well to keep you warm at work - on the farm.

Top 3 Farm Workwear Warmers

  1. Farmer Jackets: Farmers have jackets for every occasion - from heavy overcoats for those particularly frosty days to lightweight jackets for when the crisp chill in the air needs an extra layer. A shirt jacket is a top choice for every farmer to have in his warm workwear arsenal. Combining fabric features with fleece, these jackets get to work to keep you warm - and protected from UV rays and insects.
  2. Farm Fleeces: A fleece is a long-standing farm favourite for warmth. Whether worn under big, heavy jackets or on its own, this is a warm workwear essential. Opting for a zipped fleece jacket gives you the option of unzipping as the temperature rises or zipping right up to the chin to fight the cold. Alternatively, a fleece gilet or bodywarmer are the sleeve-free fleece option.
  3. Compact and Packable Waterproofs: Be prepared for any change in the weather by keeping a compact, packable waterproof layer on hand in your vehicle, in your desk drawer, in your workshop, or in your work bag - or all of the above. The downside to a downpour is not being prepared - and things always look up with waterproofs.

Farm Warm Layer Essentials: Farmer Jackets, Fleeces, and Knitwear

  • Mix Warmth with Outdoor Workwear Features: Clever layering means garments that offer both warmth and the features of an outdoor shirt in one. By combining microfleece with anti-insect technical fabric, for instance, you get all the benefits of insect and sun defence, moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties, with fleece for warmth.
  • Work it in Wool: Don't forget to accessorise for extra warmth where it matters. Wool is a wonderful, warm, breathable, naturally anti-microbial material. A woollen beanie or scarf is the simple, stylish way to keep warm in every type of chill.

Farmer Jackets: Shirt Jackets for Men and Women

Explorer Men's Anti-Insect Farm Jacket
Rufiji™ BUGTech™ Men's Explorer Farmer Jacket

• Outer made from BUGTech™ anti-insect micro-ripstop fabric, with double layered fabric on the arms.
• Luxuriant microfleece core for warmth.
• Built-in SPF50+ sun protection, moisture wicking, and quick drying properties.
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Pioneer Anti-Insect-Ladies-Farm-Jacket
Women's Rufiji™ BUGTech™ Anti-Insect Farmer Jacket

• Made from BUGTech™ anti-insect micro-ripstop with UPF50+, moisture wicking, and antimicrobial properties.
• Soft and warm microfleece core, with double layered BUGTech™ arms.
• Always-stylish classic bush jacket design.
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Soft and Snug Farm Fleece Jackets for Men, Women, and Children

Rufiji Bonded Men's Farm Fleece Jacket
Men's Bonded Farm Fleece

• Made from premium double bonded fleece for warmth.
• Elasticated, adjustable waist and elasticated cuffs to trap warmth and keep cold air out.
• Two zipped hand pockets, one zipped chest pocket, and two internal pockets.
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Rufiji Bonded Women's Farm Fleece Jacket
Women's Bonded Farm Fleece Jacket

• Made from premium, double bonded fleece for superior snugness.
• Adjustable, elasticated waistband and elasticated cuffs for insulation and to keep cold air out.
• Two zipped hand pockets.
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Rufiji Bonded Farm Fleece Jacket for Boys and Girls
Children's Bonded Fleece Farm Jacket

• Made from premium, soft, double-bonded fleece for warmth.
• Adjustable, elasticated waistband, elasticated cuffs, and storm flap for insulation.
• Two zipped hand pockets.
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Fleece Hoodie For Farmers by The Safari Store
Fleece Hoodie For Farmers

• Made from 100% cotton premium fleece fabric, with micro-fleece feel on the inside.
• Generous-depth hood with drawstring and large kangaroo hand pocket.
• Made for men and women.
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Gilets and Fleece Bodywarmers for the Farm

Explorer Anti-Insect Unisex Multi-Pocket Utility Vest for Farmers
Rufiji™ BUGTech™ Anti-Insect Multi-Pocket Vest

• Made from BUGTech™ anti-insect ripstop fabric with moisture wicking, quick drying properties and SPF50+ sun protection.
• Unisex and enormously practical for the farm lifestyle and work.
• Nine pockets in total.
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Waterproof Farm Clothing for Men, Women, and Children

Packaway Unisex Waterproof Farm Jacket
Packaway Waterproof Jacket for Men and Women

• Made from light, breathable, wind and waterproof polyester.
• Folds up and packs into a small bag for full-farm convenience.
• Concealed hood, taped seams, adjustable draw cord, and reversible zips for effectiveness.
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Packaway Unisex Waterproof Poncho for Farmers
Packable Waterproof Ponchos for the Farm

• Made from breathable, waterproof polyester.
• Lightweight and packable for full-farm convenience.
• Suitable for men, women, and children.
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Packaway Children's Waterproof Farm Jacket
Children's Packaway Waterproof Farm Jacket

• Waterproof and breathable, with a water repellent zip.
• Comes with a foldaway hood and has an adjustable waist and elasticated sleeves.
• Folds up and packs into a compact bag, so you can keep it on-hand for unexpected weather changes.
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Handmade Knitwear and Warm Accessories for Men, Women, and Children on the Farm

Men's and women's cableknit beanie for farmers
Thusk™ Cable-Knit Farm Wool Beanie

• Handmade by a team of Zulu grandmothers in South Africa as part of our Thusk™ community project.
• Knitted from sustainably-farmed South African wool.
• One size fits all and suitable for men, women, and children.
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Men's and women's knitted scarf for farmers
Thusk™ Knitted Bow Scarf

• Hand-knitted by a team of Zulu grandmothers as part of our Thusk™ community project.
• Made from 100% sustainably-farmed South African wool.
• Made for men, women, and children - perfect for warmth on the farm.
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Thusk Rib-Knit Beanie for Farmers
Thusk™ Woollen Rib-Knit Beanie for Farmers

• Hand-crafted by Zulu grandmothers as part of our Thusk™ community project.
• Made from sustainably-farmed South African wool, with many natural wearer benefits.
• Snug and warm farm style for men, women, and children.
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Thusk Women's Knitted Headband for Farmers
Thusk™ Women's Knitted Headband

• Hand-knitted by a team of Zulu grandmothers as part of our Thusk™ community project.
• Made from sustainably-farmed South African wool.
• The perfect way to keep ears warm and hair out of the way for farm work.
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Thusk Women's Knitted Button Scarf for Farmers
Thusk™ Knitted Button-Scarf

• Handmade by a team of Zulu grandmothers as part of our community project.
• Crafted from 75% sustainably-farmed South African wool, 25% acrylic, with coconut husk buttons.
• Unique button-up design that's both stylish and works for warmth.
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Tubular Head and Neck Scarf For Farmers by The Safari Store
Vintage Print Head&Neck Scarf

• Made from nanoweave fabric, which offers protection from the elements.
• 8 ways to wear it.
• SPF50+, windproof. Suitable for men and women.
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The Trick to Layering for Farmers

  • Let's take it from the top: The best farm clothing strategy is to dress in layers. A long-sleeved farm shirt should be the starting point for every farm outfit. Choose technical fabrics for extra farm features for comfort and protection that work throughout the day. Shop Men's Farm Shirts, Women's Farm Shirts, and Children's Farm Shirts.
  • Top to bottom approachstrong>: Pairing a long-sleeved farm shirt with a lightweight fleece jacket or gilet or farm jacket is a vital step in keeping warm when it gets chilly. In the same way that you dress your upper body in layers - allowing you to remove layers as conditions change - zip-off farm trousers are a trick to smart farm dressing. Convert longs into shorts by unzipping the troouser legs at the knees. Shop Women's Farm Trousers, Men's Farm Trousers, and Children's Farm Trousers.

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