Waterproof Packaway Safari Jacket (Unisex)

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Waterproof Packaway Safari Jacket (Unisex)
This highly waterproof jacket is lightweight and breathable and folds away into a small convenient bag - ideal for hikes, walking safaris, taking in your day-pack on game drives, and any outdoor activities. Wind-proof too which will help keep you warm on cool windy days, and on open 4x4's.
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Size chart

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Size Chart & Size Guide

Please read the instructions below this size chart before ordering. We have indicated whether this size chart uses body or garment measurements in the notes below the size chart. Allow 1cm variance for all garment measurements (as an example a 56cm garment measurement has a variance of 55-57cm. Please factor that into deciding on the size to order.)

To select cm (cm) or inches (in") please see the top left corner of the size chart table.

cm/ in" XS S M L XL XXL 3XL
1/2 Bust/Chest (Garment) 55 cm 57.5 cm 60 cm 62.5 cm 65 cm 67.5 cm 70 cm
Full Bust/Chest (Body) 93.5 cm 101.5 cm 109.5 cm 119.5 cm 129.5 cm 139.5 cm 149.5 cm
1/2 Waist (Garment) 53 cm 55.5 cm 58 cm 60.5 cm 63 cm 65.5 cm 68 cm
1/2 Hem (Garment) 55 cm 57.5 cm 60 cm 62.5 cm 65 cm 67.5 cm 70 cm
Centre Back Length (Garment) 74 cm 76 cm 78 cm 80 cm 82 cm 84 cm 86 cm

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Please read the information below before selecting your size to get the best fit & save on returns costs:
⊙ We have shown both the Garment measurement for 1/2 chest; and the Body measurement for the full chest.
⊙ For the Full Chest Body measurement measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest. Body measurements are approximates;
⊙ For the 1/2 Chest Garment compare the measurement in the size chart to the measurements for a similar garment you already own. For instructions on how to measure please scroll down to see 'Three easy steps to ordering the right size' below. Once you have worked out your size please scroll back up this page to place your order for this item.

Three easy steps to ordering the right size:

You will need the following items:
• Measuring tape
• A flat surface (such as a table or counter)
• A notepad and pen
• An item of clothing from your wardrobe that fits comfortably and is similar to the one you wish to purchase (e.g. if you are looking at buying a collared shirt then use one of your own collared shirts to compare measurements to.)

TIP: If you do not own a similar fleece, then using a collared long sleeve shirt or jacket which is a comfortable fit will give you an idea of the size which will fit you the best.

How to measure chest/bust/arm/back

Referring to the images above, place your garment on a flat surface and record the following measurements:
A. 1/2 Bust/Chest: Measure across the front of the shirt from armpit to armpit.
B. Sleeve Overarm: Measure from the end of the cuff to the shoulder seam.
C. Centre Back Length: Measure from the nape of the neck on the back of the shirt to the bottom hem.

Compare your measurements with our size chart and order the size closest to those measurements. Chest/bust is usually the most important measurement if you are in a hurry, but checking all three will make for the most comfortable fit.

TIP: If you do not have a measuring tape, use your credit card. The long side of a credit card measures 8.5cm and the short side is 5.4cm. Simply use the centimetre measurements on our chart and divide by 8.5cm to get an idea of how many credit card lengths equals the measurement you are recording.

Please note: If you are unsure about which size to order, please contact us before ordering and we will help you as best we can.

Product information

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Elements and Activities – Waterproof Packaway Safari Jacket:

Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 281g; ⊙ Made from polyester woven fabric; ⊙ Highly waterproof (10,000mm); ⊙ Highly breathable (8,000gsm); ⊙ Fully-taped seams; ⊙ Wind-proof; ⊙ Concealed Hood; ⊙ Adjustable drawcord; ⊙ Unisex

Activities: ⊙ Safari; ⊙ Hiking; ⊙ Travel; ⊙ Everyday use; ⊙ Trail running; ⊙ Mountain biking; ⊙ Fishing; ⊙ Outdoor activities

⊙ Made from light, breathable polyester woven material for easy wearing, easy packing convenience.
⊙ Wind-proof and waterproof for unexpected changes in weather when you're on the go.
⊙ Concealed hood for total cover.
⊙ Adjustable drawcord to seal in warmth and dryness and to protect you from wind.
⊙ Reversible zip made from plastic and nylon for improved wind-proofing.
⊙ Folds compactly into its own bag for convenience when packing your suitcase or day-pack.

This waterproof jacket is lightweight and folds away into a small convenient bag - ideal for hikes, walking safaris, taking in your day-pack on game drives, and any outdoor activities. Wind-proof too which will help keep you warm on cool windy days, and on open 4x4's.

The Waterproof Packaway Safari Jacket keeps you perfectly dry and comfortable when the weather starts to turn. Wind-proof and waterproof, it is a great choice to prepare for every eventuality during outdoor activities and game drives on the back of open vehicles. This unisex, lightweight garment is breathable and has a concealed hood which comes in handy during heavier showers. The taped seams have been independently-tested for efficacy and has stood up to the challenge. The adjustable drawcord keeps moisture and wind out for added protection from the elements. The reversible zip further contributes to wind-proofing. This jacket packs away into its own supplied bag, making it a compact addition to your backpack or day-bag.

With its simple functionality, this waterproof, wind-proof jacket offers superior value for money and its features make it suitable for fishing trips, trail adventures, outdoor sports and hobbies, and adventure travel.

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Customer reviews

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Mags Scott

21 Jan 2021

Oh my goodness...I am so pleased with this Mac in a Sac...lightweight & fits perfectly, very happy!

C. Jensen

23 Mar 2019

Inspired by the review of Anne Wilson on this page, I decided to buy and bring one of these to a safari in March - rainy season. Although when doing a private game drive the guides provide ponchos when start raining, sometimes it takes a long time until they decide it is raining enough to give you the ponchos, so this jacked was a life saver. Also to protect my camera. I am very glad I got these. They are useful in many situations, also for hikes. Very compact, light weight, easy to carry around. Highly recommended.

T. Kuhl

30 May 2018

I love this product! It's compact and lightweight which makes it ideal for long hikes. It has accompanied me to the Drakensberg on numerous occasions and have offered great protection from the wind and rain.

Anne Wilson

13 Jul 2016

I bought one of these for myself, and it is good quality and quite smart. It packs away easily into the sac, and is very lightweight. My husband has decided that he wants one too, so I am about to order another. If ordering, consider what you want to wear it over. when choosing your size. Allow for thicker jumpers or fleeces etc.

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Additional information

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⊙ MATERIAL: Made from polyester woven fabric.

• Machine-washable at 30° on a delicate setting where available;
• Preserve waterproofing during washing by avoiding usual detergents and cleaning out the detergent compartment of your machine before washing;
• Do up all zips and velcro before washing to avoid snags;
• Wash waterproof items separately;
• Avoid scrunching or kneading material after washing
• Do not expose to direct heat - for example putting onto a radiator to dry.
⊙ WEIGHT: 281g
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