Farm Boots and Farm Shoes: Invest in the Best

Farm Boots and Farm Shoes: Invest in the Best

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C. Fraser Claire

Farmers are on their feet and on the move most of the time - and that makes tough, rugged farm boots and shoes arguably the most important piece of gear in their farm workwear wardrobe.

Farming Footwear: Farm Boots and Shoes as Tough as Your Farm Tasks

Farm work can be tough. Whether walking the fields, working with livestock, or handling machinery, rugged farm footwear is a must to keep feet protected - but also to provide daily comfort. The best farm boot depends on what's on the agenda for the day and personal preference. For everyday support and all-day reliability, it is always a good idea to have a pair of old-faithful farm work boots as your go-to for the farm. These should be functional, all-terrain, and grippy - robust enough to keep you going without a thought when things get challenging. In addition to being hardworking, look for versatility. Farm work boots that double as town boots means working hard, running errands, and meeting mates is totally seamless and stylish.

Top Farm Shoe Buying Tips: Stock Up Your Shoe Rack With the Essentials

  1. Farming Work Boots: Apart from your wellies and safety boots, a pair of trusty, general farm boots are a work necessity for farmers. While a range of synthetic materials are available, leather has stood the test of time for outdoor workers. This is because it is hard-wearing, long-lasting, and comfortable - shaping to your feet over time. Whether you are after Chelsea work boots or dealer boots or prefer laced combat boot styling and functionality, remember to be sole-ful in your selection. Rubber soles keep you on your feet across sometimes tricky terrain and are perfect for when working means walking.
  2. The simple farm shoe: For those days when you can get away with a deviation from heavy-duty, it helps to have comfortable farm shoes to fall back on. The iconic shoe of choice for pioneer African farmers, our top recommendation is the veldskoen. In supple suede leather with a rubber sole, its looks are backed up by solid reliability. Their rubber soles make for comfortable wearing, walking, working - with styling that is winning the hearts of farmers (and everybody else) around the world.
  3. Strong sandals: On the rare occasion you can allow your toes some freedom, set them free in farm sandals – made for the outdoors. If you are relaxing at the end of the day, need to give your feet a breather on a hot day, or are between tasks, sandals can be tough too.

Farm Boots

Rufiji Buffalo Farm Boots Rufiji™ Buffalo Boots
• These pull-on work boots are made from strong, durable genuine leather in a Chelsea work boot design.
• Made by a team of artisan specialist shoemakers with special attention to detail.
• Thick, grippy, all-terrain rubber sole for wherever the track takes you on the farm.
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Rufiji APU Combat Boots Farm Work Boots Rufiji™ APU Combat Farm Boots
• Made from 100% genuine leather by a team of artisan specialist shoemakers.
• Developed for and worn daily by anti-poaching units around Africa for patrols - the best farm boot for walking.
• Lace-up, high-rise design helps to waylay the worry around dew, damp, and drizzly conditions.
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Veldskoens: Our Number One Farm Shoe

Rufiji Explorer Veldskoen Thin Sole Farm Shoes Rufiji™ Explorer Veldskoen Farm Shoes (Thin Sole)
• Upper made from cow suede hide, with a crepe sole (thin sole).
• Crafted in Africa by artisanal specialist shoemakers.
• Styled in the classic veldskoen design: the shoe of pioneer farmers that's become a modern marvel for style and practicality.
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Rufiji Explorer Veldskoen Original Sole Farm Shoes Rufiji™ Explorer Veldskoen Farm Shoes (original sole)
• Upper made from suede cow hide, with crepe sole (original size).
• Made in Africa by a team of artisanal specialist shoemakers.
• Crafted in the classic veldskoen design, which marries fashion and function for farming and beyond.
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Rufiji Desert Boot Veldskoen Farm Shoes by The Safari Store Rufiji™ Veldskoen Desert Boot Farm Shoes
• Upper made from suede cow hide, with crepe sole
• Made in Africa by a team of artisanal specialist shoemakers.
• Crafted in the classic high-top veldskoen design, which marries fashion and function for farming and beyond.
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Outdoor and Farm Sandals

Rufiji Women's Leather Farm Sandals Rufiji™ Women's Leather Farm Sandals
• Made from genuine leather with sturdy rubber soles and a brass buckle for style and fit.
• Made in a criss-cross leather design for outdoor comfort and strength.
• Made in Africa by a team of artisanal specialist shoemakers.
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Top tip: accessorise your farm shoes with gaiters

Get ankle protection: Gaiters are the easy accessory for your farm shoes or wide-fit farm work boots. The success lies in their simplicity. These canvas or suede farm gaiters are elasticated at the top to fit over the shoe and lower trouser leg. This protects you from tick bites, blackjacks, dew, and other debris for early morning and drizzly conditions.

A Top Outdoor Accessory for Field and Farm: Gaiters

Rufiji Canvas Ankle Gaiters Farm Boot Accessories Rufiji™ Canvas Farm Ankle Gaiters
• Made from canvas in a short ankle gaiter design.
• Protects ankles and socks for outdoor work and leisure.
• Elasticated ankle, with Velcro and press stud closure, and shoe attachment clip.
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Rufiji Suede Ankle Gaiters Farm Boot Accessories Rufiji™ Suede Ankle Gaiters
• Made from suede with leather and brass detail.
• Elasticated ankle, Velcro closure with press stud at the back, leather tab with brass clip for shoe attachment.
• Wear over the lower trouser leg and shoe for extra peace of mind while enjoying and working in the outdoors.
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The right farm work boot needs the best boot socks: The wrong sock can ruin everything and make even the best farming work boots unworkable. Avoid pain and discomfort by investing in the best boot socks. Our recommendation is always double-layered, blister-proof socks. These durable, breathable, moisture-wicking socks are everything a modern work sock should be. Find out more about the best boot socks for farmers.

Keeping Feet on the Ground on the Farm: The Best Farm Socks

Mara&Meru Everyday Anti-Blister Boot Socks For Farmers by The Safari Store Mara&Meru™ Everyday Boot Socks
• Blister protection through double-layered design.
• Moisture wicking promotes dryness and coolness.
• Quick drying.
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