The Best Boot Socks for Farmers

The Best Boot Socks for Farmers

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C. Fraser Claire

If your workday involves time on your feet, boot socks designed for walking and movement can make a difference to your day.

Not all socks are made equal. Walking long distances is an intrinsic part of farm life. The wrong socks can be a source of discomfort that's hard to ignore. Smart farm clothing has the potential to help farmers to avoid blisters - a quick and easy way to enjoy a pain-free workday. Different designs offer additional features for comfort. The following are our top tips on what to look for in the best boot socks for farmers.


Double layered boot socks

Blisters can get in the way of getting things done. Invest in socks that work to prevent blisters. Double layered socks reduce the friction that causes blisters. Founder of The Safari Store, Steve, swears by this technology. When running training left him with a blister, he wore double layered socks to run a marathon and comfortably completed the race. Whenever a blister is a worry, turn to double-layered socks. This lack of friction also means socks tend to last longer, which is an added bonus.

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Moisture wicking and quick drying

Working outdoors occasionally results in wet feet - and soggy boot interiors can cause discomfort. Moisture wicking socks have a range of benefits. This technology also helps to prevent blisters, but also keeps your feet warm and dry while you work, has odour control abilities. The best moisture wicking socks combine different synthetic materials, helping you to avoid clammy feet when you're out in the field. Once the moisture has been wicked away from the skin, you'll want materials that are quick drying too. This comes in especially handy when it comes to wet work conditions and between washes.

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Support, strength, and the right length

The type of boot you wear will dictate the ideal sock length. With that in mind, longer can be better - especially in cold and winter conditions. It goes without saying that wearing long socks under long boots affords extra shin protection and this can contribute to comfort under your trousers when wearing shorter boots too. Ski socks have many properties that translate into fantastic features for boot socks, including shock absorbent padding, arch and Achilles tendon support, and the warmth and wicking features one can expect from a winter sport sock.

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Take it one step further: add the best farm boots

If we're putting the cart before the horse and you're on the hunt for the best farm boots, our range of boots and shoes are made for long-distance, simple comfort, days in the office, and everything in between. From genuine leather Chelsea boots and leather laced combat boots to suede farm shoes in the veldskoen or chukka tradition, we've got shoes that are perfectly adapted to the farm and outdoor lifestyle.

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Add over-the-boot protection

While your work socks do their job inside the shoe, ankle gaiters are a great tool for added ankle protection. This simple accessory keeps ticks, dew, and debris off of socks and ankles - just another way to stay comfortable and protected during workdays on the farm.

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