Men's Farm Clothing: Hardworking, Hardwearing Clothes for Farmers

Men's Farm Clothing: Hardworking, Hardwearing Clothes for Farmers

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C. Fraser Claire

As every farmer knows, what you wear plays an understated yet pivotal role in the success of your workday. Men's farm clothing should include top features for the outdoors - working to keep you cool, comfortable, and protected while you work.

Day in and day out, few appreciate the features of well-made outdoor workwear more than farmers. Whatever the weather, no matter how suddenly conditions change, clothes for farmers hold the key to uninterrupted workflow, health and wellbeing, and daily comfort. Tough, rugged farm conditions require farm clothing for men that is made to be the dependable, durable daily choice of farmers and outdoor workers. From layering up to sun and insect protection, read on to find out how choosing the right men's farm clothing makes the difference to your day.

Men's Farm Clothing: Choosing the Best Clothes for Farmers:

1. Men's Farm Shirts

Layering up is the best policy for outdoor and farm work. A long-sleeved farm shirt in technical fabric is a strategic choice for the diversity of farm days - and forms the core of every country outfit for men. Farming can be hot, sweaty, messy work and this is what makes technical fabrics a smart choice. Our BUGTech™ fabric has been specifically designed for warm-weather outdoor environments. It has also been tested in a range of conditions to be suitable for everything from African travel to outdoor hobbies. If your office happens to be the field, our men's farm shirts are the right fit.

Long sleeves give farmers the flexibility of down-to-the-wrist coverage for relief from the sun. In addition to the barrier of the fabric, our technical clothes for farmers feature built-in SPF50+ sun protection for extra sun safety. As the day heats up or when it comes time to roll up your sleeves, the addition of roll-up sleeve tabs secure sleeves in place so they don't get in the way.

The lightweight ripstop fabric also wicks moisture, helping to keep you dry and cool especially during warm days or during hot and sweaty tasks. By opting for BUGTech™, you add anti-insect properties to your wardrobe as an extra precaution and for easy peace of mind.

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2. Men's Farming Trousers:
The best clothes for farmers are the ones that are versatile to conditions. Few garments offer the flexibility of zip-off, convertible trousers. In our BUGTech™ fabric, all you need to do is zip off the trouser legs at the knee to transform your farm longs into shorts with ease. Lightweight and comfortable, these moisture wicking, sun protective trousers come in a farmers' cargo pant design with lots of pockets for in-the-field convenience. The primary benefit of long farm trousers is insect protection – especially when dealing with livestock or walking through pastures. Our BUGTech™ anti-insect farming trousers are an additional deterrent to ticks and insects.

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3. Men's Country Jackets and Farm Fleeces:

A farm jacket and fleece are essential for early morning starts and cold days in the field or out in the barn. A zipped farm fleece jacket or gilet gives to-the-chin warmth, keeping your trunk warm. Want something a little different? Our shirt jacket combines the warmth of fleece with the features of BUGTech™ anti-insect clothing.

For wet weather and unexpected drizzle, a packaway waterproof jacket or poncho are some clever clothes for farmers. Folded up, these are compact enough to keep in your vehicle or office drawer, so you always have access to them when you need them.

The secret weapon in snugness lies in knitwear accessories. Our Thusk™ range of beanies and scarves are made from South African wool and are hand-knitted by a team of Zulu grandmothers in Africa as part of our community project.

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4. Head Out in Men's Farm Hats:
A wide-brimmed farm hat has stood the test of time when it comes to sun protection for farmers. Prolonged exposure to the sun, day after day, means farmers need to exercise special caution when it comes to sun care. Sun protection involves daily commitment. The sun doesn't need to be out in full force for sun damage to occur and so, even on overcast days, it's important to stick to a sun safety plan. Old faithful, the wide-brimmed hat keeps the face and neck out of the sun to prevent sunburn. The style of farm hat you choose is a matter of personal preference, but adjustable internal sizing and air flow are a couple of things to consider when making your final choice.

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5. The Best Farm Boots and Farm Shoes for Men:

The best men's farm footwear takes a bit of thought. For men's farm boots for daily wear, it's hard to go wrong in a pair of leather Chelsea boots. Our pull-on, work-hard Buffalo Boots have been crafted for farmers in the rural KwaZulu-Natal Midlands in South Africa from hardy genuine leather with an off-road, rugged rubber sole. For walking and working, they are an easy favourite for farmers.

If you are looking for a lace-up farm boot that was made for walking, the Rufiji™ APU Combat Boots were originally designed for anti-poaching patrolmen around Africa. In durable leather with a rubber sole, they have been put to the test and are used across tough terrain as a key outdoor workwear item.

Worn by the early settlers in Africa, the veldskoen has become the shoe of choice for many farmers. In suede leather, the veldskoen or Chukka boot is both comfortable work shoe and fashionable footwear for anywhere. Our Rufiji™ Explorer Shoes and Rufiji™ Veldskoen Desert Boots are our take on a footwear legend – one with its heart firmly rooted on the farm.

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6. Men's Farm Clothes Accessories:

For sun protection, insect protection, and all-round comfort during workdays on the farm, a few trusty accessories can complement the good work of your farm clothes. While covering up and using sun protective clothing is important for sun protection, always use an effective sunscreen to protect exposed skin.

Similarly, together with our BUGTech™ anti-insect farm clothes, we recommend using Australian-made personal insect repellent spray to prevent bites and stings. Trusted by Australians to be the best for the outdoors and every day, we have put these leading brands to the test in Africa and on a range of outdoor adventures and they have become a central part of our insect protection strategy no matter where we are.

Farm gaiters are also a useful accessory for time in the field. Worn over the shoes and lower trouser leg, they help to keep debris out of boots, act as an extra layer against dew and damp when walking through wet grass, and remove the vulnerability of insects getting to ankles.

A satchel or shoulder bag is a great way to keep your kit with you wherever work may take you. Our bag range is perfectly adapted to the farm or ranch. Made from canvas and leather or full-grain leather, our bags are naturally tough - in clever designs around practicality that farmers and outdoorsman will appreciate every day.

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