About our binocular hire

We recommend that all our clients take at least one pair of binoculars per couple on safari or, ideally, one pair each so that you are each able to watch hunts or appreciate what you are viewing at the same time. We do realise, however, that purchasing one pair of high-quality binoculars per person may be expensive - especially if this is your first time on safari or you are travelling as a family or group. For this reason, we now rent out high-quality, well-maintained binoculars for you to take on safari.

How binocular rental works

Binocular hire is worked out on a per week basis. The rental period is defined as the period from the day you depart the UK to the day you return to the UK. To order your rental binoculars, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Find your departure date from the UK on your travel itinerary
  2. Work out the length of your holiday - that is from the date you leave the UK to the date you return to the UK
  3. Round the length of your holiday up to the nearest week. For example, if your holiday is 12 days in total, your binocular hire period would be two weeks
  4. Enter your 'Start Date' (the day you depart the UK). This is vital for us to gauge when to send the binoculars to you
  5. We will send the rental binoculars to arrive a day or two before your departure
  6. If you have placed an order for other items, then these will be sent as soon as possible after you place your order, with the binoculars to follow in time for your departure date. Therefore, please ensure that your departure date as given above is accurate

Our Rental Binoculars

Rental: Vortex Crossfire 10x42
Rental: Vortex Crossfire 10x42

Renting the Vortex Crossfire 10x42 binoculars is a quality, performance-driven choice. Entry-level rental pricing for binoculars which feature fully multi-coated lenses & a wide field of view.


Deposit £25.00

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Rental: Vortex Diamondback 10x42
Rental: Vortex Diamondback 10x42

For their superior quality and high-performance optics, the Vortex Diamondback 10x42 binoculars have become our rental binoculars of choice for safaris.


Deposit £55.00

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Rental: Vortex Viper HD 10x42
Rental: Vortex Viper HD 10x42

We now offer the creme de la creme of the Vortex range to you to rent for your adventure. You will quietly chuckle to yourself when you look through these rental binoculars!


Deposit £100.00

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The Safari Store binocular hire terms

By choosing to rent binoculars from The Safari Store, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  1. Binocular type: We offer three tiers of binoculars for rental purposes as shown above. The images shown on this page are for illustration purposes only and you may/may not receive this exact version for each model of binoculars, but you will receive the same model (e.g. Vortex Diamondback 10 x 42). All our rental binoculars are chosen for being ideal for safari, are high-quality, and are individually inspected and cleaned before being sent to you. We keep an accurate ledger which records the condition of the binoculars before they are sent to you.

  2. Binocular care: Please take good care of your rental binoculars. To clean the lenses: Remove as much dust as possible from the lens, without rubbing. Lens cleaning brushes or compressed gas is best; Use a lens-cleaning tissue to gently wipe away any excess dust; Do not try to get the surface perfectly clean - the less rubbing, the better; Only clean if the need arises while on safari or travelling. If they are dusty when you get back to the UK, rather return them to us in a dusty condition for us to clean. Remember: dust + tissue = sand paper, which is not good for delicate, coated binocular lenses.

  3. Liability: Please note that we are entitled to charge you in full for our replacement costs for any damage, breakages, or loss of the binoculars (including any accessories or attachments which came with the binoculars) you are hiring from The Safari Store. We check each pair of binoculars before sending them to you and so we know the state of each pair of our hired binoculars.

  4. Binocular hire deposit: Please note that an automatic deposit is charged per pair of binoculars. This will be added to your order and will be refunded to your card should the binoculars be returned in the same condition in which they were sent to you. This will be done at the end of the month in which the binoculars are returned. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the refund has been processed. We keep accurate records of all binoculars we send out and so know when damage has occurred during your rental period. For any damage, we will use your deposit to pay for the repair. Where the deposit does not cover the repair and where you have hired more than one pair, we reserve the right to combine your deposit amounts to pay for any repairs or replacement. Binoculars are simple things to look after so, if you take good care of them, then the deposit will be refunded without quibble.

  5. Returning rented binoculars: The cost to return your rental binoculars to us is for your account and not covered by your rental. We allow you three working days in which to return your rental binoculars to us, calculated as being three working days after the end of your rental period. If we do not receive the binoculars within this time, we are entitled to charge you £3 per pair per day that they are overdue. If you have sent the binoculars back to us by post and they have been delayed in transit, we will take the postal date on the parcel into account.

The binoculars remain the property of The Safari Store Ltd at all times

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