Why Safari Clothes are the Best Clothes for Farmers

No-one spends more time outdoors than farmers – and that’s why you need durable made-for-purpose outdoor clothing.

No-one spends more time outside than farmers. That is a fact. Farmers have little choice but to venture out in all sorts of weather - and stay out no matter the change in conditions. Lands don't prepare themselves for planting, crops don't just harvest themselves; livestock needs to be raised, fed, nurtured, dipped, moved from pasture to pasture. Farming is demanding and wearing the right farm apparel serves to keep you comfortable and protected from the elements, helping you to get the job done.

As farmers - feeders of nations - we believe that you need the best possible farm clothing, farm hats, farm shoes and boots, and general farming gear. You need apparel made for the rigors of outdoor life. As a farmer, you need the benefits of expedition tested outdoor gear every time you step out your front door. This means fabrics, designs, and technologies that are ready for whatever the day throws at you - even if it is active, heavy-duty, messy work.

Man and woman wearing layers of the best farm clothes


At The Safari Store, we have an intimate understanding of the realities of farm life. Not only are we all outdoor folk, as are farmers, but Steve, our founder, grew up in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands which is a large farming area in South Africa. His father Martin - pictured here in the Midlands wearing his Panama Hat from The Safari Store - was born into a pioneering family-run farming company and worked in the farming industry in mechanisation. He has been passionate about farming throughout his life. Many a boyhood trip with his dad was to visit farmers and to attend farm shows.

This exposure to farming led Steve to recognise that safari clothing is excellent farm attire and suits the daily realities of hardworking men and women on farms around the world. The modern farmer is constantly looking for improved techniques, technologies, and machinery to maximise yield - and the same approach should be true for farm clothing. Modern outdoor clothing from The Safari Store, with a mix of classic styles & some old world fabric, should improve the comfort and enjoyment of farming. Backed up by some of the best insect repellents and other accessories available today, Steve feels that we really do a have range which looks after the people who look after us: the people who put food on our tables.

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Curated Farm Clothes for Farmers, inspired by Martin Adams


Agricultural clothing should be layered for changing conditions

More than any other person who spends time outdoors, farmers live the need to dress in layers every day. You understand that, while you work closely with nature, she is constantly changing the world around you. Hot turns to cold, cold turns to hot, dry turns to damp, dusty turns to muddy. It's just the way it is - and, as a farmer, you know that's just the way it always will be. Your farm clothing and farm gear had best keep up.

Layering up is the best way to adapt to changing conditions throughout the day - just like on safari where clothing needs to be suited to heat and chill in equal measure. Layer up with farmer jackets and fleeces, beanies, and scarves for cold mornings, damp days, and the depths of winter, but wear base layers which keep you cool, dry, and insect bite-free.

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Clothes for farmers need to be a match for the elements

With changing elements in mind, you need technologies and designs that keep you comfortable whether the sun is beating down on you or if the day gives way to drizzle. When it comes to warm-weather farm work clothes, safari clothing in technical fabrics provide built-in sun protection or UV protection properties. By choosing long-sleeved farm shirts with roll-up sleeve tabs, you can also get to-the-wrist protection with the flexibility of a short-sleeved shirt when the day heats up. Zip-off trousers give you the choice between pants and farm shorts as the day progresses - and water-resistant trouser legs are a must for dewy, drizzly days. An effective farm hat, combined with sunscreen spray, is still the most effective way to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. When it comes to sun protection, safari apparel is some of the best in the business.

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Man wearing farm clothes for sun protection and the elements


Farming should be the only buzz you get during the day

Insects are part of life when you spend your days outdoors. Exposure to disease-carrying and biting insects makes insect protection a must for both farmers and safari-goers. Our BUGTech™ anti-insect fabric has been expedition tested™ to keep insects at bay and our shirts and trousers make great farm clothes for men, women, and children - putting your mind at ease as you go about your day. Gaiters are also a great addition to farm outfits, helping to keep ticks off ankles. Combine anti-insect farm clothing with Australian-made insect repellent for extra protection.

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Life on Your Feet: Footwear for Farmers

Farmers live on their feet - and that's why they need shoes suited to the task. You need farm footwear that is reliable, comfortable, and durable in any terrain - and tough enough to withstand distance and some hard knocks along the way. Our Rufiji™ APU Boots are lace-up leather boots made for wildlife patrolmen and women in Africa. Worn daily by these brave scouts, the ultimate boot for Africa won't let you down everywhere else. The Buffalo Chelsea Boot are a farm favourite for anyone without time to tie laces. These slip-on boots are made from tough, classic leather with an off-road sole to take you wherever you need to go (even if that’s to the bank or the pub). Pair your boots with gaiters to keep muck away from your ankles while you rack up the hard yards.

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Rufiji APU Farm Boots - best footwear and farm clothes


Clothes for farmers that don't forget about style

The durability of farm work clothes doesn't mean they can't be stylish. As a professional, dress to impress in stylishly designed technical farm clothes. The style that goes in-hand with safari is universally acknowledged. Work it in clothes for farmers that work hard. By investing in key items, you are creating a multi-purpose wardrobe for work, outdoor leisure, and out and about in town.

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Men's and ladies' farm clothes from The Safari Store

Frequently Asked Questions About Clothes for Farmers

  1. What clothes do farmers wear?: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to farmer attire - anything goes from farm overalls and smocks to tweeds and waterproofs. As a rule of thumb, choose sturdy outdoor clothing in layers - made by a company that specialises in outdoor clothing and technologies - to protect yourself from the elements while you work.
  2. Why do farmers wear long-sleeve farm shirts?: The main reason for farmers' preference of long-sleeve shirts is protection. Long sleeves help to avoid heat stress and protects the skin from prolonged time in the sun, insect bites, and exposure to pesticide and chemicals. Choose farm shirts in BUGTech technical fabric to take advantage of advances in fabrics around sun and insect protection while you work.
  3. What is the benefit of layering clothes for farmers?: The weather can change during the day. When you work outdoors, what you wear makes a difference to comfort while you work and getting the job done as fast and as well as possible. By layering farm clothing, farmers can remove layers to stay comfortable in all conditions. Start with a long-sleeved farm shirt in BUGTech fabric and layer up with anti-insect farmer jackets and fleeces you can remove as the day heats up.
  4. What shoes do farmers wear?: Farm footwear needs to be rugged to cope with varying terrain, contact with livestock, and handling machinery and equipment. While wellies will sometimes do the trick, hardy boots with durable soles are the optimal choice for walking through fields and the diverse days of farmers. Nothing beats the traditional leather work boot and our farm boots and shoes have been made specifically for long distances and rugged terrain.

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