Safari Clothing By Mara&Meru™

Mara&Meru™ gives expression to the wild in your veins™ by marrying hardcore technical outdoor-wear with urban everyday-wear. This versatile range of adventure-inspired luggage, clothing, and accessories is just as at home on safari, in the mountains, or on the open plains as it is in the boardroom, on the high street, or around the home. 

Safari Shirts for safari

Laced Safari Tank Top

Laced Safari Tank Top in Safari Forest Green

$48.00 $35.00 Save 27%

Safari Dresses & Skorts

Mara&Meru™ All Day Casual Safari Dress

Mara&Meru™ All Day Casual Safari Dress in Safari Forest Green


Safari Trousers & Shorts for safari

Men's Birdseye Safari Shorts

Men's Birdseye Safari Shorts in Safari Bark

Women's Birdseye Safari Shorts

Women's Birdseye Safari Shorts in Eland


Safari Beanies & Scarves

New In Mara&Meru™ Safari Snood

Mara&Meru™ Safari Snood in Stone & Stone


Safari Hats

New In Mara&Meru™ Indie Safari Hat

Mara&Meru™ Indie Safari Hat in Winter Grass

New In Mara&Meru™ Panama Safari Hat (Unisex)

Mara&Meru™ Panama Safari Hat (Unisex) in Tawny

New In Mara&Meru™ Serengeti Safari Hat

Mara&Meru™ Serengeti Safari Hat in Tawny

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