How to get the best insect defence on safari

How to get the best insect defence on safari

Insects are important building blocks of eco-systems but, when you are trying to relax on safari, they can be a nuisance. This - over any threat of malaria or disease - is why I always pack insect repellent. Luckily, at The Safari Store, we just happen to stock the best

Why you need insect defence on safari

Disease The number one reason to pack insect defence for your safari is to prevent disease. Prevalent in different areas around the continent, malaria can be life-threatening and, over and above preventing mosquito bites on safari, it may be worth consulting your doctor about prophylaxis before you leave. Tick-borne diseases are also on the rise globally and, when exploring the African bushveld, it is worth taking a few precautions on this front too. Shop our insect repellent products.

Comfort Insect bites can be itchy, painful, and (at times) unsightly. Prevent stings and bites before they happen with insect repellent which has been developed for the tropics and safari-tested to be effective against flying and crawling insects.

Relaxation Even when they aren’t biting or stinging, the very presence of insects can affect your ability to relax. Take the swatting arm motions and whirring of small wings out of your explorations of wild places so you can enjoy undisturbed enjoyment of the scenery and wildlife Africa has to offer.

What to pack to beat the bugs

Anti-insect clothing Invest in anti-insect shirts and anti-insect trousers for your safari. Our BUGTech™ range is practical for activities like game drives and walking safaris, but it is also stylish enough to offer defence around the lodge and at dinner. Shop men’s, women’s, and children’s anti-insect clothing.

The best insect repellent for Africa Don’t find out that your insect repellent isn’t as good as it says on the box when it is too late to do anything about it. At The Safari Store, we stock the best performing insect repellents because they really work. Safari-tested by us in Africa, we stand solidly by their efficacy. Choose between the best DEET-based, Australian-made repellents or natural bug sprays. Shop our safe, long-lasting, easy-wearing, effective insect repellents here.

A woman in safari clothing applying a roll-on insect repellent

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