The Best Hats for Farmers

The Best Hats for Farmers

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C. Fraser Claire

Farmers are the most exposed to harmful UV radiation of all outdoor workers. A trusty wide-brimmed farmer hat should be at the top of every farmer's sun protection strategy.

Get ahead of daily sun care worries with a sun protective hat

Farmers and farmworkers face extended periods of exposure to the sun. Every day - even on cloudy days - farmers need to exercise special vigilance around sun care. It may come as no surprise that the number one sun protection tool has remained the same for generations of farmers. A farmer's hat is almost like a fingerprint, a point of recognition. The best UPF hats offer maximum sun protection without a compromise on style. Prevention is always better than cure and the right hat is the perfect start when it comes to caring for your skin.

Best Hats for Farmers: Top 3 Things to Look For

  1. Wide Brim: A wide-brimmed hat gives 360-degree sun protection for the face and neck. While some farmers may prefer peak caps and neck flaps, a wide-brim farmer hat simply and stylishly shields your face from the sun.
  2. Extra Features for Fit: The sun isn't the only element to keep in mind when choosing a hat. By choosing a hat with features for an extra-secure fit, windy conditions are no problem when out in the fields or pastures. These features are especially useful for farm work, allowing you to bend and move, while keeping your hat securely in place.
  3. A Hat to Match Your Needs: What features are you looking for in the ideal farmer hat? The best hat for sun protection means nothing if you won't wear it because it isn't suited to your needs - or because it lacks style. For example, picking a packable hat is a great way to ensure you have a hat with you wherever you go - when it's not on your head, of course. Worried about keeping cool? Look for features that enhance airflow and breathability to keep you cool while you work. Need a hat that works while you work in the rain? Look for waterproofing features - or waterproofing sprays for your particular hat material.

Hats for Farmers: Top Picks for Men, Women, and Children

Rufiji Explorer Canvas Hat For Farmers
Explorer Canvas Farm Hat

• Brim size: 8cm; Crown height: 9.5cm
• Made from packable, water-resistant canvas with mesh sides for breathability.
• Adjustable internal drawstring and detachable chin strap with elephant toggle.
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Rufiji Explorer Leather Hat For Farmers
Explorer Leather Farm Hat

• Brim size: 8cm; Crown height: 10cm
• Made from full leather with detachable chin strap and internal adjustable drawstring for fit.
• Suitable for men and women. This SPF hat offers SPF50+ sun protection.
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Panama Hat For Farmers
Mara&Meru™ Panama Hat for Farmers

• Brim size: 7.5cm; Crown height: 10.5cm
• This UPF hat offers UPF50+ sun protection. Suitable for men, women, and children.
• Adjustable fit through internal drawstring. Comes with detachable chin strap.
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Barmah Leather Suede Hat for Farmers
Barmah Foldaway Leather Suede Farmer Hat

• Australian-made from waterproof genuine cattle hide leather suede.
• UPF50+ hat. Mesh sides for ventilation.
• Fully foldable, so you can keep it with you wherever you are on the farm.
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Barmah Leather Hat for Farmers
Barmah Foldaway Full-Leather Farmer Hat

• Australian-made from foldable, soft, and supple full-grain cattle hide leather.
• UPF hat offers UPF50+ sun protection.
• Comes with its own hat bag.
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Wide-Brim Foldable Sun Hat For Farmers by The Safari Store
Adventurer Foldable Canvas Hat For Men and Women

• Made from durable, foldable 12oz cotton canvas.
• 7cm (2,8") brim.
• UPF40+ sun protection.
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Women's Hats for Farmers

Indie Women's Hat For Farmers
Mara&Meru™ Women's Indie Farmer Hat

• Brim size: 3 inches; Crown height: 10.5cm.
• Internal adjustable drawstring for fit. Comes with detachable chin strap.
• SPF hat offers SPF50+ sun protection.
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Serengeti Sun Protection Hats for Women
Mara&Meru™ Serengeti Sun Protection Hats for Women

• Brim size: 7cm; Crown height: 10.5cm
• Adjustable fit through internal drawstring. Comes with detachable chin strap.
• Provides SPF50+ sun protection.
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Rain or Shine: Accessories to Weatherproof your Hat

Barmah Waterproofing and Conditioning Spray
Barmah Waterproofing and Conditioning Spray for Farmer Hats

• Suitable for leather and suede.
• Waterproofs suede and leather hats for rain and drizzle.
• Conditions suede and leather hats for longevity.
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Tips to Power Up Your Sun Protection

  • Cover Up in Sun Protective Clothing: Make the most of advances in fabric technology by covering up in clever farm clothing. Long-sleeved farm shirts and long farm trousers in lightweight technical fabrics offer comprehensive coverage and keep you cool at the same time. Both our specially designed and expedition tested BUGTech and SAFARITech fabrics have built-in sun protection features for men, women, and children to take care of their skin when working outdoors.
  • Apply, Re-Apply, and Keep a Good Supply of Sunscreen: Time in the sun is a mark of farm life, but the damaging effects of the sun shouldn't make their mark on your skin. Every farmer should wear sunscreen every day when out and about on the farm. Even on cloudy days, this kind of vigilance achieves high levels of protection for your long-term wellbeing, comfort, and work continuity. Shop for easy-wearing sunscreen spray that's been tested in warm-weather climates to be effective - and make sure to apply and reapply regularly to exposed skin throughout the day.

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