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Adventurer Hat
No adventurer’s outfit is complete without a sun hat. For safari, multi-day adventures, day trips to your favourite trails, or hot days at home, this flat packable hat is the go-to compact, versatile hat for comfort & sun protection.
Key Features: ⊙ 150g / 5.3oz ⊙ UPF40+ ⊙ 360-degree, 7cm wide brim ⊙ Made from durable 12oz safari-grade cotton canvas ⊙ Eyelets promote airflow ⊙ Packable ⊙ Floatable ⊙ Internal drawstring ⊙ Clip-up studs on either side of the brim ⊙ Detachable woven polyester chin strap with toggle ⊙ Unisex.
Made for: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoor pursuits: Fishing, Hiking, Walking ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday wear ⊙ Farming
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Please view the size chart before ordering. Our sizes are not US sizes.

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Size Chart & Size Guide

Please read the instructions below this size chart before ordering. We have indicated whether this size chart uses body or garment measurements in the notes below the size chart. Allow 1cm variance for all garment measurements (as an example a 56cm garment measurement has a variance of 55-57cm. Please factor that into deciding on the size to order.)

To select cm (cm) or inches (in") please see the top left corner of the size chart table.

cm/ in" S/M L/XL XXL
Hat Size Inner Crown 58 cm 60 cm 63 cm

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Please use this size chart before ordering this product to ensure that you get the best fit and to save on returns costs.
•You can view the size chart in inches or centimeters by clicking on the "cm" or "inch" text on the green bar above the chart.

The designs of all Rufiji™ and Mara&Meru™ hats include an adjustable drawstring to ensure you are always able to get the best fit simply by adjusting the drawstring. This makes ordering the right size that much easier.

How to order the correct size Rufiji™ or Mara&Meru™ hat:

• To work out which hat will give you the most comfortable fit, simply measure your head at the fullest part where your hat will sit, which will be just above your ears. Please use this measurement to determine the size above. It is best to select a hat size which has an Inner Crown measurement slightly larger than your head size.
• Please note that only our leather hats will have a very small amount of stretch (approximately 1cm).
• As children's heads grow faster than their bodies, this size chart also applies to boys and girls.
• UK and US hat sizes given below are our approximates of the equivalent hat size in each country. Please leave the size chart in "cm" rather than "inches" to view these correctly.

UK Size Hat Up to size 7 Up to size 714 Up to size 734
US Size Hat Up to size 718 Up to size 738 Up to size 778

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Please note: If you are unsure about which size to order, please contact us before ordering and we will help you as best we can. All advice given is our interpretation of the information which you provide and as such is an estimation - as it also depends on how you measure, and other factors.
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Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 150g / 5.3oz; ⊙ Brim size: 7cm; ⊙ Crown height: 9.5cm; ⊙ Made from durable 12oz canvas; ⊙ UPF40+ sun protection; ⊙ Fully packable; ⊙ Floatable; ⊙ Adjustable fit via internal drawstring; ⊙ Detachable poly cotton woven chin strap with adjustable toggle; ⊙ Unisex

Activities: ⊙ Outdoors; ⊙ Safari; ⊙ Travel; ⊙ Beach; ⊙ Time by the pool ⊙ Fishing; ⊙ Hiking; ⊙ Adventures; ⊙ Expeditions; ⊙ Outdoor sports, hobbies, and activities ⊙ Everyday wear

⊙ Weight: 150g / 5.3oz
⊙ Made from durable 12oz safari-grade cotton canvas.
⊙ 7cm 360-degree brim for sun protection for the face and neck.
⊙ 9.5cm / 3.7” crown height
⊙ Flip and clip brim sides.
⊙ Floatable because of foam in brim.
⊙ Internal drawstring to adjust size.
⊙ Eyelets with brass grommets for ventilation.
⊙ Detachable, adjustable chin strap.
⊙ Fully packable because of soft crown
⊙ Unisex.

No adventurer’s outfit is complete without a sun hat. For safari, multi-day adventures, day trips to your favourite trails, or hot days at home, this flat packable hat is the go-to compact, versatile hat for comfort & sun protection.

Even on overcast days, invest in the best sun care by wearing a wide-brim sun hat. This safari and sunny day essential offers sun protection for the face and neck – with great features for travellers and all outdoorsmen and women. The generous flip and clip brim can also be folded up and clipped on the sides for versatile style that’s adaptable to conditions.

This cotton canvas hat is flat-packable and retains its shape well. Whenever space is at a premium, it is the squashable, tuckable, compact packing option. If you are worried about safari luggage restrictions, pack weight on hikes or camping trips, or how to stow your hat on game drives, walking safaris, or on outings, this foldable travel hat gets top marks for space saving.

Eyelets with brass grommets assist with ventilation. The hat also features an adjustable internal drawcord – and has a detachable, adjustable poly cotton chin strap. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit in a range of conditions. The foam in the brim gives the hat floatable properties for peace of mind on boat trips and for all water-based sports and activities.

Don’t let sunburn factor into your memories. Make sun protection part of your daily routine for work and play in a hat made to match the lifestyle of every adventurer.

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Rufiji™ Adventurer Flat-Pack Hat – Further Information:

⊙ WEIGHT: 150g / 5.3oz

⊙ MATERIAL: Made from 12oz safari-grade cotton canvas.

⊙ CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash only - under 30°C.

⊙ SUN PROTECTION: With a wrap-around brim, this hat provides all-round UPF40+ sun protection against harmful UV rays.

⊙ ADJUSTABLE FIT: An internal drawstring and elasticated internal sweatband allows for size adjustment and to secure a snug fit even in windy conditions - great for open game viewers and boat trips.

⊙ DETACHABLE CHIN STRAP: The detachable poly cotton chin strap with adjustable toggle offers added assurance that you won't lose your hat on those windy beach days or draughty game drives.

⊙ FLOATABLE: With foam in the brim, the hat is floatable for quick and easy recovery on boat trips and for water-based sports and activities.

⊙ FLIP & CLIP BRIM: Brim sides fold up and clip with a press stud.
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