Kids' Farm Clothing: Geared Up for Outdoor Life

Kids' Farm Clothing: Geared Up for Outdoor Life

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C. Fraser Claire

Farm kids have the most fun. Little ones and their parents should be able to enjoy farm life without impediment and this is where feature-filled kids' farm clothing lets their wardrobe remove the worries.

For children, farm life holds many life lessons, builds a love of the outdoors, and creates great memories. Dress little ones in clothing designed and tested to be the best for outdoor life. Not only does this keep them comfortable and protected from insects and the elements; it puts parents' minds at rest that they can play while their kids' farm clothes do the work. From technical fabrics with built-in anti-insect and sun protection properties to warm and waterproof layers, our kids' range has got them covered.

Kids' Farm Clothing for Full Farm Days:

1. Kids' Farm Shirts:
The key to creating the perfect kids' farm outfit is to layer up. For all outdoor activities, a long-sleeved farm shirt comes recommended as a key wardrobe item. This is because long sleeves give children the option of covering up to protect their skin from the sun or if they are worried about insects. Our BUGTech™ boys' and girls' farm shirts offer built-in UPF50+ sun protection, anti-bacterial features, as well as anti-insect properties. They are also made from lightweight ripstop fabric, which wicks moisture – a key feature in keeping cool in warm weather. This quick drying material also means mess, wash, repeat for daily farm wear.

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2. Children's Farm Trousers and Shorts:

As the cool early mornings give way to sunshine and activity, the change from trousers to shorts is seamless in convertible farm trousers in technical fabrics. Children on the move don't have time to change. Simply zip off the trouser legs of these lightweight kids' farm trousers to transform longs to shorts in no time.

Our children's BUGTech™ zip-off trousers have built-in UPF50+ sun protection and anti-bacterial properties, as well as moisture wicking capabilities and lots of pockets - everything they need to enjoy the outdoors.

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3. Kids' Fleeces for the Farm:

Layering is the key to dressing for full days on the farm. Early morning starts or the chill as the sun goes down means a warm layer is essential. A fleece jacket is a fleecy favourite for young farmers to keep warm and cosy when the temperature drops.

A packable poncho or children's waterproof farm jacket is also a fundamental piece of children's farm clothing. When the weather changes, the clothing you need changes and farm life means being prepared for rain and shine. Whether farm children face a day of drizzle or just want to make sure they're covered in an unexpected downpour, waterproofs are the order of the day - every day.

The finishing touch to any warm layer is a scarf or beanie – handmade with love by a grandmother. Our Thusk™ knitted beanies, scarves, and headbands are hand-knitted by Zulu grandmothers in South Africa as part of our heart-warming, head-warming, neck-warming Thusk™ community project.

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4. Sun Safety for Children on the Farm:

An effective sun safety strategy is one you can quickly and simply implement every day. Children's sensitive skins need special protection and farm life inevitably means they are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

Give your sun protection strategy a head start with a wide-brimmed kids' farm hat. With coverage for the face and neck, the humble hat has stood the test of time as a sun protection tool. In a range of classic styles, they really look the part on the farm too. Covering up is one of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun. This means long-sleeved children's farm shirts and trousers are best when it comes to sun care for children on the farm. In lightweight, technical fabrics, these are cool even as the day heats up and includes a boost of UPF30 sun protection.

Ensure exposed skin is protected by using an effective sunscreen spray and re-apply regularly to ensure protection lasts all day. Trusted for sun protection in Africa, our sun protection range has been tested to ensure sunburn doesn’t get in the way of outdoor fun.

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5. Insect Protection for Children on the Farm:

While time outdoors is great for children to explore, learn, and play, it also means exposure to ticks and biting insects. Bites and stings should never get in the way of farm fun. To avoid insect-borne diseases and uncomfortable bites and stings, invest in effective anti-insect clothing and insect repellent spray.

Our BUGTech™ anti-insect children's farm clothing was designed and tested for African travel conditions. This means it is perfectly suited to the farm. Again, long sleeves and trousers reduce the amount of skin exposed to prevent bites and stings, making zip-off trousers and long-sleeved shirts a good choice when it comes to insects too.

An effective insect repellent should form part of every parent's insect protection arsenal. Our Australian-made insect repellent sprays are made for biting, crawling, stinging daily realities Down Under and have been put to the test by us around Africa.

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