Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots

By Rufiji™


Designed by our team and field-tested daily by anti-poaching units. For every ten pairs sold, we donate a pair to African anti-poaching teams. Wear these stylish leather combat boots on safari and on the high street. More info & size chart? Please scroll down or click on 'View Size Chart'. Please do not assume your size & always use the size chart before ordering. Our sizes are not US sizes.

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  • Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots Quantity: 1
  • Rufiji™ Explorer Safari Shoes (thin sole UK size) Quantity: 1
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This item: Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots in Wildebeest Brown $190.13
Rufiji™ Explorer Safari Shoes (thin sole UK size) in Kalahari Khaki $112.13

Product information

Quick Facts: ⊙ Handmade from genuine leather with rubber soles; ⊙ Weight: 1.6kg

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Travel ⊙ Multi-day adventures ⊙ Everyday use ⊙ Hiking ⊙ Patrolling ⊙ Expeditions ⊙ Outdoor activities ⊙ Walking safaris

⊙ Weight: 1.6kg / 3.5lbs.
⊙ Made from genuine leather.
⊙ Rubber soles.
⊙ Lace-up with tightly built-in tongue for a degree of waterproofing.
⊙ Packaged in a re-usable canvas drawstring bag as part of our 'say no to plastic' environmental philosophy.

These boots were made for walking! Designed for – and extensively tested by – the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Anti-Poaching Unit (APU), they are both tough and comfortable even in extreme conditions. For every ten pairs sold, we will donate a pair to African APUs.

Where it all Began:
It started with passion - passion for wildlife and the strong desire to protect it. We wanted to help, but couldn't exactly run into the wilderness with guns, so Steve approached the men who could.

After meeting with the anti-poaching unit at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi and their officer-in-chief, Jabulani Ngubani, we set about designing the Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots with our Rufiji™ shoemaker. By combining a new classic boot style with leather, we came up with the prototype for the boots and then sent the boots to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi to see if they would actually work in the field.

Since then, the boots have undergone thorough testing by APU member Zenzele Tembe. He walked a total of 480km on patrols in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi before reporting back to us with positive results. According to Zenzele, the boots are “very suitable to the dry savanna land and are light on the feet”. Tactically, he says the boots are “ideal as the footprints can be easily concealed”. He says the shoes are “soft but protect the feet from the rough terrain”. He also noted that they “dry fast which is ideal for rainy days and walking through rivers”.

These genuine leather boots were designed for days of trekking through the African bush. Such is the comfort they provide that they are now the boots of choice for anti-poaching teams across Africa. According to Peter Chadwick, conservationist and APU training officer: "I have been searching all over the country for decent patrol boots without any luck. The Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots...are an absolute winner!"

Off the back of the APU’s reviews, we decided to make them available to the public. Their styling makes them a versatile pair of boots that can be worn every day in the urban environment. Their suitability to variegated terrain – built for days of trekking through river and bush in Africa – means that they are tough, durable, and comfortable enough for Land Rover safaris and beyond and even for the hardcore explorer and expeditionist. Get the combat boots which are actually used on the frontline of conservation; rather than boots made purely for fashion.

In an age of mechanisation, products created in the hands of talented artisans speak to an appreciation of quality and attention - tailoring not only fine shoes, but also a story behind what you choose to wear. The materials of our Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots are handled with the attention and expertise of skilled craftsmen to create special, strong footwear in natural materials that will be right at home on outdoor adventures, as well as a stylish focal point in urban environments.

Product notes::
*Please note that the images show members of the Anti-Poaching Unit wearing camouflage clothing. We advise civilians not to wear camouflage when visiting Africa. It is considered illegal in some African countries and may be considered offensive and potentially dangerous.

Make a purchase with a purpose through YOUbuy, WEgive:

The feedback from APUs have inspired us to do more and so we launched the "YOUbuy, WEgive" initiative to give you, our client, an opportunity to get involved.

Hardy and reliable, for every three pairs of Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots bought, we will donate a pair of boots to the hard-working patrol men and women working in anti-poaching units. This includes travel or delivery costs to get the boots to the recipients. This contribution makes an on-the-ground difference to conservation efforts - helping to protect precious wildlife in Africa.

By purchasing Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots, you are also supporting African shoemakers in providing them with livelihoods. Your purchase also assists with the education and supply of stationery, sports equipment, clothes, and transport to 15 children from a nearby community.

Say no to plastic packaging
Your Rufiji™ boots are packaged in a re-usable canvas drawstring bag. At The Safari Store, we are working hard to eliminate plastic from all of our packaging. This forms part of our commitment to a green future and the preservation of the environment, so future generations can enjoy pristine natural spaces.

Size chart
cm / inch 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Length 23.8 cm 24.6 cm 25.4 cm 26.2 cm 27.2 cm 27.9 cm 28.8 cm 29.7 cm 30.6 cm
Width 8.6 cm 8.8 cm 9 cm 9.2 cm 9.5 cm 9.8 cm 10 cm 10.2 cm 10.4 cm
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Compare your measurements to our size chart and choose your size accordingly.
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Customer reviews

William B

17 Dec 2020

I’ve just received my Rufiji APU Boots size 9. Very impressed with the product

T. Kuhl

25 Mar 2019

Surprisingly soft and incredibly comfortable! A fantastic initiative too.

Zenzele Tembe - APU Member

9 Feb 2018

The boots are very suitable to the dry savanna land and are light on the feet. They are ideal as the footprints can be easily concealed. The shoes are soft but protect the feet from the rough terrain and they dry fast which is ideal for rainy days and walking through rivers.

Roland Blum

9 Feb 2018

i strongly recommend these shoes ! they are simply excellent ! light weight and confortable but very stable. i've used them in muddy terrain as well as in dry conditions and i've even tried them in the mountains. i normaly wear 43.5 size and therefor size 9 fitted perfectly ! from my point of view the greatest advandage of this shoe is that you can really walk silently !!! this makes it also an excellent choice for ornithologists and any people observing wildlife on different terrains. the fact that for each purchase the safari store donates a pair to the anti poaching unit is a fantastic idea and from my point of view a very good way to help and support the saving of south africas wildlife ! chapeau !!!

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Additional information
⊙ MATERIAL: Handmade from strong, comfortable leather with sturdy rubber soles.

⊙ WEIGHT: 1.6kg
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