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The multi-tool of safari and outdoor clothing in BUGTech™ insect repellent ripstop fabric offers premium value. With lots of pockets and fabric benefits, this gilet is your adventure companion.

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Elements and activities – the Rufiji™ BUGTech™ Explorer Gilet:

Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 329g; ⊙ Made from 100% BUGTech™ honeycomb RipStop fabric with moisture wicking and built-in SPF50+; ⊙ Anti-microbial finish; ⊙ Elasticated waistband; ⊙ Nine pockets

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoors ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday ⊙ Outdoor activities ⊙ Fishing ⊙ Hiking ⊙ Adventure ⊙ Expeditions

Features: ⊙ Made from 100% strong and cool Rufiji™ BUGTech™ honeycomb Ripstop fabric with moisture wicking; ⊙ Built-in SPF50+; ⊙ Anti-microbial finish for odour control; ⊙ Quick release from creasing for travel; ⊙ Two chest pockets with velcro closure; ⊙ One small zipped security pocket in one of the chest pockets and two slots for keeping a torch or pens on the other; ⊙ One large zipped security pocket inside the gilet; ⊙ Two waist pockets with velcro access, one of which has a small security pocket; ⊙ One large pocket on the back of the gilet; ⊙ Elasticated adjustable waistband to adapt the bottom seam to suit conditions; ⊙ Full-length zip with waist and collar studs; ⊙ QuickDry material means you can wash and go in no time; ⊙ Packaged in a bag made from recyclable paper as part of our 'say no to plastic' environmental philosophy

The multi-tool of safari and outdoor clothing in BUGTech™ insect repellent ripstop fabric offers premium value. With lots of pockets and fabric benefits, this gilet is your adventure companion.

Designed for the hands-on outdoorsman and woman, this handy gilet is made for explorers. From outdoor hobbies and adventure travels to day trips and short jaunts, with this many pockets, keep everything with you and free up your hands for your binoculars, fishing rod, or reference text. From the studious to the athletic, this is a real expedition jacket.

With built-in SPF50+, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial properties, the honeycomb RipStop is lightweight and strong. It also quickly releases the wrinkles of packing and dries quickly, making it a travel-friendly option. Its built-in insect repellent properties also make it ideal for those off the beaten track experiences - affording extra protection when you need it most.

Before jumping on the insect repellent clothing bandwagon, we wanted to be 100% sure our clients were receiving a gilet that actually worked. The problem with most other insect repellent brands of clothing is that the wicking effect is retarded by the addition of the insect repellent finish. In effect, you end up wearing a plastic bag. We were most concerned about the following:
• That we developed the best possible insect repellent finish and had it tested independently to ensure that it actually worked;
• That, in the evolution from MaraTech™ to BUGTech™ fabric, the high level of wicking and benefits of our MaraTech™ fabric were not lost or hindered in any way.

Many other brands forego this testing and rely on intensive marketing campaigns to sell their garments. In developing the BUGTech™ fabric, we were guided by our new mantra for our Rufiji™ clothing range: "No marketing hype. Just the facts." In ensuring we could deliver a product that performs, we undertook to put the Rufiji™ BUGTech™ Explorer Gilet through thorough in-house and independent tests.

• Rufiji™ BUGTech™ Explorer Gilet has been proven in independent tests by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Pesticide Trial Section to effectively repel insects. We know of no other manufacturer willing to publish their results. Please see the test results in the images above.

• The majority of insect repellent garments on the market today have very poor wicking as it usually conflicts with the insect repellent finish on fabric and so, while your garment may keep insects away, without wicking the shirt will not keep you cool. We tested our BUGTech™ against our MaraTech™ range which is highly effective at wicking moisture away from your skin.

• The active ingredient in our BUGTech™ fabric is permethrin which is used at the ultra low dosage of 500ppm. Permethrin is a man-made version of a natural insect repellent found in certain Chrysanthemum plants. BUGTech™ utilises a proprietary permethrin formula to provide effective, odourless insect protection.

In addition to affording protection from a host of biting insects including mosquitoes, flies, ticks, bed-bugs, fleas, and midges, BUGTech™ also inhibits odour-causing bacteria and fabric degradation.

* The BUGTech™ fabric is perfectly safe and can be worn by all ages. The active ingredient has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for application onto textiles and clothing. It is non-leaching (i.e. it won't transfer from the fabric/garment onto the wearer’s skin). Hence, even if one was to perspire heavily or lick the fabric, there is no chance of the vital protection transferring.

If you have any questions regarding BUGTech™ and the development of the fabric please do not hesitate to contact us.

Say no to plastic packaging
Your Rufiji™ clothing is packaged in a recyclable paper bag. At The Safari Store, we are working hard to eliminate plastic from all of our packaging. This forms part of our commitment to a green future and the preservation of the environment, so future generations can enjoy pristine natural spaces.

About product
⊙ MATERIAL: Made from 100% Ripstop BUGTech™ (polyamide) fabric with built-in insect repellent, wicking, SPF50+, and anti-microbial finish.

• 40° warm wash
• Do not bleach
• Cool iron
• Dry cleanable
• Do not tumble dry

⊙ WEIGHT: 329g
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1/2 Bust / Chest 51 cm 53.5 cm 56 cm 58.5 cm 61 cm 63.5 cm 66 cm
1/2 Hem 51 cm 53.5 cm 56 cm 58.5 cm 61 cm 63.5 cm 66 cm
Centre Back Length 67 cm 68 cm 69 cm 70 cm 71 cm 72 cm 73 cm
The measurements shown above are garment measurements. Please read our guide below before you order.

Three easy steps to ordering the right size:
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STEP 1: You will need a measuring tape, a flat surface such as a table, a notepad to record your garment's measurements - and your own collared long sleeve shirt which is a comfortable fit. While this is not a shirt, it should give you an accurate idea of what size Multi-pocket Gilet to order. Tip: If you do not have a measuring tape, use your credit card. The long side of a credit card measures 8.5cm and the short side is 5.4cm. Simply use the centimetre measurements on our chart and divide by 8.5cm to get an idea of how many credit card lengths equals the measurement you are recording.
How to measure chest/bust/arm/back
STEP 2: Referring to the images above, place your shirt flat on the table and record the following measurements: ⊙ 1/2 Bust/Chest - Across the front of the shirt from armpit to armpit; ⊙ Centre Back Length - From the nape of the neck on the back of shirt to the bottom hem; ⊙ Sleeve Overarm - Sleeveless and so does not apply to this garment.
STEP 3: Compare your measurements with our size chart and order the size closest to your measurements. Chest/bust is usually the most important measurement if you are in a hurry, but checking all three will make for the most comfortable fit.

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