BUSHMAN Insect repellent

Developed and made in Australia – home to a multitude of biting insects – Bushman is the highly-effective insect repellent which will make sure you get bitten by the travel bug and nothing else on safari and outdoors.

Saturday 18th September 2021

- BUSHMAN REPELLENT: "The Wonder from Down Under" -

Itchy, burning bites can quickly ruin your safari, holiday, or weekend away. Especially in malaria areas, a good insect repellent should form part of your prophylactic approach to bites and disease. For most people, however, there is no way to test the true efficacy of your repellent at home. That’s why, when it comes to our Australian-made insect repellents, we make ourselves the test subjects to ensure their efficacy in Africa. Bushman is no exception. Tested in the rainy season in Zambia, Bushman was a lifesaver against swarming tsetse flies and mosquitoes in the Kafue. Without a doubt, Bushman is the best insect repellent available in the UK and EU.

Selling more than 1.3 million bottles in Australia each year, Bushman Insect Repellent has a loyal following in some of the harshest conditions in the world. It was also the trusted brand of insect repellent for the Australian Olympic team during the Zika outbreak in 2016. With a DEET-based formula developed in the tropics for the tropics, Bushman is the safe, easy-wearing, effective insect repellent spray you can trust to work when you need it to on safari and for outdoor sports, hobbies, and activities.


• 90ml Pump-spray bottle

• Repels mosquitoes for 8 hours

• Contains DEET which is well-known to repel mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks, leeches, sand fleas, no-see-ums, march flies, horse flies, bird lice, and other insects

• Water, sweat, and rub resistant

• Suitable for children aged three and over

• Neutral odour

• Slow-release actives for long-lasting protection

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Bushman insect repellent and the Sasol Bird Book


What is Bushman’s DEET content and is this safe?

The World Health Organisation recommends DEET levels of no higher than 50% and, with its 40% DEET formula, Bushman falls well within these parameters. With over 200 million annual applications of DEET-based products around the world, DEET is trusted by consumers and international health regulators to be safe and effective.

How long does Bushman’s protection last?

The slow-release actives in this specially-developed formula means Bushman offers protection from mosquitoes for up to eight hours.

What do you recommend I do for ultimate insect protection on safari and outdoors?

For all-round insect protection, use Bushman in conjunction with our BUGTech™ range of clothing.

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DEET is trusted by consumers and international health regulators to be safe and effective


So what exactly does Bushman insect repellent repel? As Bushman is so effective the answer is pretty simple: most flying & biting biting insects. The high quality active ingredients in Bushman means that it will repel: Mosquitoes, Sand flies, Ticks, Fleas, Flies, Leeches, and other insects. For those who prefer their information in an image, please see the handy icons below.

Bushman insect repellent repels mosquitoes and midges and lasts for 5 hours


Why is Bushman insect repellent so popular in Australia - and why is it the best repellent for your next foray outdoors?

Find out more: Bushman benefits on the product page

Bushman Insect Repellent is safe for your family to use

Bushman Insect Repellent is Safe to Use

Bushman combines an effective active, DEET, and blends it with performance-enhancing, premium ingredients in formulations which are the result of decades of experience in the world of making effective insect repellents. Bushman also uses DEET in the correct percentages to ensure that it is safe to apply to your skin. Many other insect brands incorrectly believe that "the more DEET the better" - but that is not correct. In percentages higher than less than 50% increasing the percentage of DEET only increases the amount of time the repellent remains on your skin. Clever repellents rely on blending in ingredients to increase the time on your skin without increasing the percentage of DEET. While we have tried insect repellents without DEET in them, we have found them to be very ineffective. Since it was discovered as an deterrent to biting insects, DEET has been proven, over 60 years of use, to not only be a safe repellent to use - but also the most effective repellent to use against mosquitoes and other biting insects. Bushman products are the best choice to protect you and your family

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Bushman Insect Repellent image

Bushman Insect Repellent is Water, Sweat, & Rub Resistant

It makes perfect sense that insect repellent needs to stay on your skin or to protect you from bites. Nothing stays on your skin quite as well as Bushman insect repellent. Bushman is -uniquely - water resistant, sweat resistant, and rub resistant. This is an overlooked benefit in real world scenarios where life happens and you sweat, bump into things, and generally just live your outdoor life. Bushman is the repellent which won't be sweated off, washed off or rubbed off. This allows Bushman to stay on your skin for longer - and as a result - protect you for longer too. Please note that you should, to be safe, re-apply Bushman after exercising, sweating, towelling yourself off or after about 5 hours outdoors.

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Bushman Insect repellent smells great & is light on the skin

Bushman Insect Repellent is Easy-On - & Pleasant to Wear

Bushman is made to smell great, and includes time release technology. This ensures that the effect of the active ingredient in Bushman is slowly released, prolonging the efficacy of the product for longer than in other repellents. The nett effect is improved performance. Add to this a non-oily texture, easy-to-use spray nozzle, and packable size - and you start to realise just how easily Bushman fits in with your day-to-day outdoor life while offering you the best protection available in the UK today.

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Bushman Insect Repellent is popular for its long-lasting efficacy, but how long does it last on the skin? It really depends on who is doing the testing. The EU and Australia have different testing methods for the length of time insect repellent works. Australia stops the clock when the first bite happens (which, in the case of Bushman, was after 8 hours). The EU stops the clock when the first insect lands on the skin (5 hours). Therefore, one can expect between 5-8 hours' protection from insect bites from the point of application.

We recommend you re-apply Bushman more regularly than every 5 hours as factors such as sweat, heat, and fabric contact can alter the required frequency of application. Pack one bottle of Bushman per week per person as part of your insect protection strategy for the outdoors, safari, travel - basically anytime you leave the house.

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Bushman insect repellent comes in a handy pump spray bottle for easy application

Bitten by more than the travel bug?
Bushman Insect Repellent comes in a 90ml bottle - ideal for travel.

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Bushman Insect Repellent is ideal for hiking.

Bite-free hiking
The perfect fit for the side pocket of a standard backpack, Bushman Insect Repellent is your lightweight hiking companion.

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