The Safari Store has its beginnings in Africa – or, rather, an African: Steve Adams. Steve was inspired to start a company which would ensure that people who travelled to Africa were properly prepared for the experience - and to answer the one question which had been bugging him through his guiding career in the bush: "If I could choose any clothing and gear to take on safari, what would I take to Africa?"

Over a decade of supplying the best in safari clothing, luggage, and gear. A lifetime of adventures.


As a team and having spent time in Africa, we know the pull of this place. We know how it ignites the wild in your veins and how it draws you with the promise that no two experiences of Africa will be the same. At The Safari Store, our aim is simple: to provide safari clothing, luggage, and gear to give you the best experiences of Africa - the kinds of experiences that will keep you coming back to discover more of the people, places, wildlife, and adventures this wild and awe-inspiring continent has to offer.

The Safari Store Team are dedicated to supplying you with the best products available for your African safari – and any outdoor adventures. We all have first-hand experience of African travel. Everyone on the team gets their hands dirty – when they’re lucky, on safari, but also daily – updating the website, searching, designing, and expedition testing new products for African conditions, distributing orders, processing returns, and most importantly assisting you with expert packing advice. From first-time safari-goers to the seasoned African traveller looking for destination-specific advice, we know exactly what you need to put in your suitcase. Download our packing list or contact the team for expert packing advice tailored to your safari.

Man (Steve) with Land Rover looking through binoculars


In developing our range of safari luggage, clothing, and gear, we sweat so you don’t have to.

Every item available from The Safari Store has been expedition-tested under extreme African conditions to ensure you are purchasing high-quality items we can vouch for off the back of real experience. When the fabrics we were developing weren’t up to scratch, we abandoned and re-developed them, took them back into Africa, and subsequently had them independently-tested. If straps of a bag don’t sit comfortably on a long walking safari, the design is changed until it’s perfected. These steps are part of our assurance in providing only the best – because your best experience of Africa is at the core of what we do. While the range is constantly growing, the online store is now home to key travel products that no traveller to Africa (or, indeed, any warm climate destination) should be without.

The Safari Store has appeared in a number of publications over the years including Conde Nast Traveller, Carrier Travel Essentials, Land Rover World, Harpers Bazaar, Arise Magazine, CNN Traveler, Homes & Antiques, and the Huffington Post. The greatest testament to our quality, however, comes in the form of you – the safari-goer, the world traveller, the lover of the outdoors, the fisherman, birder, hiker, nature-enthusiast. It comes from more than ten years of producing products that have accompanied thousands of people on adventures we can only begin to imagine. It comes from being part of adventures that shape a lifetime.

Claire paddling on expedition on the Kafue River


When it comes to matters of business, we are making business matter.

As part of our longstanding love of Africa, it is in our nature to assist where we can in a meaningful way through what we call "constructive, community, conservation" funded by our YOUbuy, WEgive initiative. Please click here to find out more about the projects your purchases assist us in funding. We are also dedicated to ensuring that the way in which we do business may cost us more, but the environment less. A good example of this is our dedication to saying no to plastic for our own name brand products and packaging.

Anti-poaching patrol wearing donated boots
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