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Woof-Meow Portable Dog Cat Pet Bowl Bag (Large)
Walkies will never be the same again with this convenient dog and cat feeder for home and on the road. Spoil your pet with a bit of luxury for outdoor pursuits with your dog or trips with larger pets
Key Features: ⊙ Made from 100% canvas and leather ⊙ Leather carrying handle ⊙ Detachable shoulder strap ⊙ Zipped pocket ⊙ Brass detail ⊙ Leather pet name tag ⊙ Food and water compartments.
Made for: ⊙ Dog walking ⊙ Travel ⊙ Outdoor Pursuits ⊙ Everyday use
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About the Mara&Meru™ Woof-Meow Bag (large) :

Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 0.9kg; ⊙ Length: 24cm; ⊙ Width: 24cm; ⊙ Height: 12cm

Activities: ⊙ Feeding Dogs ⊙ Feeding Cats ⊙ Travelling with dogs and cats ⊙ Hiking/fishing/shooting/walking and all outdoor pursuits with your dog (and your cat if he or she really feels like leaving your bed)✓ ⊙ Sufficient food for longer trips

⊙ Weight: 0.9kg.
⊙ Made from safari-grade canvas and leather.
⊙ Leather handle.
⊙ Adjustable, removable shoulder strap.
⊙ Brass detail in the zips and press studs which complement the overall style of the bag.
⊙ Leather pet name tag holder.
⊙ Zipped pocket for your keys and small items on walks in the park, trips to the vet, and all of your adventures with your four-legged friends.
⊙ Packaged in a re-usable canvas drawstring bag as part of our 'say no to plastic' environmental philosophy.

Walkies will never be the same again with this convenient dog and cat feeder for home and on the road. Spoil your pet with a bit of luxury for outdoor pursuits with your dog or trips with larger pets.

Now your dog and cat can order food "to go" too. We felt a little bad for your dog and cat. You have such lovely luggage for your adventures from The Safari Store and they must be feeling left out each time you pack for a trip - so much so that we have designed a bag just for them. Introducing our new Mara&Meru™ Woof-Meow Bag: the convenient dog and cat feeder for home and on the road.

Carry all the food you need for camping trips, travels, and adventures with your pet and fill up the water bowl on arrival to keep your furry friends fed and watered - especially after exercise.

Each bag comes with a free leather name tag holder to make your pet feel extra special. In large, this bag is perfect for pets of all sizes - long or short trips - and now includes a zipped pocket for your keys, phone, and some extra money for a coffee in the park. The smaller bag is aimed at smaller pets or to use as an emergency food supply for larger pets when going on shorter trips. It also has an open pocket.

Say no to plastic packaging
Your Mara&Meru™ bag is packaged in a re-usable canvas drawstring bag. At The Safari Store, we are working hard to eliminate plastic from all of our packaging. This forms part of our commitment to a green future and the preservation of the environment, so future generations can enjoy pristine natural spaces.

A note about canvas and leather: We stand by the quality of the construction of our canvas and leather range and the quality of the safari-grade canvas and leather we use to make our bags. We have also expedition tested all of our canvas and leather luggage and bags so that we know just how tough they are. Canvas and leather are, however, fabrics and, as with all fabrics, they have their limitations. While cases are few and far between and we have not experienced puncturing on our own safaris and expeditions, fabric, by its very nature, is able to puncture or tear if subjected to force, sharp objects, if thrown along an abrasive surface, or other forms of harsh handling.

Mara&Meru™ Woof-Meow Bag:
⊙ MATERIAL: These bags are beautifully crafted from quality safari-grade canvas and leather. A padded waterproof layer weatherproofs the bag and helps to keep the contents of the bag dry in light rain showers.
⊙ DETAIL: The stitching is strong, neat, and complements the curves of the bag. The studs attaching the food bowl offer durability and aesthetic detail to the overall look of the bag.
⊙ STRAPS: The handle is made from high-quality leather and the shoulder strap is made from thick woven canvas for comfortable carrying.
⊙ ZIPS: The durable zips have leather tags to make zipping and unzipping easy on the hands.

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⊙ WEIGHT: 0.9kg

• Do not machine wash
• Do not soak leather
• Do not use abrasive detergents or hard brushes / sponges / cloths
• Spot clean with a soft cloth and warm water
• Please note that due to condensation the plastic lining for the water bowl may be misty when it arrives with you. This is just water vapour.

• Length: 24cm;
• Width: 24cm;
• Height: 12cm
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