The Rufiji Safari Explorer II - Canvas & Leather Safari Duffle Bag

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The Rufiji Safari Explorer II - Canvas & Leather Safari Duffle Bag
We’ve upgraded our bestselling canvas & leather safari holdall to enhance the elegance of an old favourite. With smooth leather handles, this rugged bag has new luxury touches for discerning travellers
Key Features: ⊙ Made from 100% canvas and cowhide (soft-sided) ⊙ Horseshoe-shaped zip on main compartment ⊙ Lined, spacious interior ⊙ Four zipped outer compartments ⊙ Leather carrying handles ⊙ Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap ⊙ Lockable zips on end pockets and main compartment ⊙ Leather tabs on zips.
Made for: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Overnight and weekend trips ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday use ⊙ Business trips
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Elements and Activities - the Explorer II Canvas and Leather Safari Duffle Bag :

Quick Facts: ⊙ Size 29 x 12.5 x 12 inches; 70 to 75cm x 32cm x 30cm (as the bag is made from soft-sided canvas, the length depends on how much you pack into the bag, but the dimensions are perfect for safaris). (72 litres); ⊙ Weight 2.7 kg

⊙ Made from 100% safari canvas and cowhide;
⊙ Uninterrupted cavernous interior with a horseshoe-shaped zip for easy access;
⊙ Four zipped outer compartments for smaller items;
⊙ Soft-sided to fit into cramped spaces in light aircraft transfers and to fit your clothing and gear;
⊙ Full-leather carrying handles and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap;
⊙ Lockable zips on end pockets and main compartment for security while you travel;
⊙ Fully lined interior;
⊙ Curved leather at each end of the bag to complement its lines and for added durability;
⊙ Packaged in a re-usable canvas drawstring bag as part of our 'say no to plastic' environmental philosophy

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Travel ⊙ Multi-day adventures and expeditions ⊙ Weekend trips ⊙ Everyday use (such as going to the gym) ⊙ Business trips ⊙ Short-haul and hand luggage-only flights ⊙ Charter flights and overlanding ⊙ Perfect to put in your car for daily use

We’ve upgraded our bestselling canvas & leather safari holdall to enhance the elegance of an old favourite. With smooth leather handles, this rugged bag has new luxury touches for discerning travellers

With strict luggage restrictions prevalent around Africa, the original Explorer Bag was made to be soft, squashable, and strong for safari. With smooth leather handles on this upgraded bag, travel has never felt so good. In timeless, robust canvas and leather for safari strength in Africa, this bag's inimitable safari style makes it the bag for every destination.

The soft, strong construction of this safari duffle means it has a bit of give for the cramped conditions on light aircraft transfers. This bag's soft sides also mean it can carry an impressive volume of clothing and gear. The horseshoe-shaped zip makes packing and unpacking easy too - removing the need to scratch through the restrictive opening of a top zip. The interior has a large, uninterrupted space and is fully-lined.

This holdall has four zipped compartments for quick access to smaller items. The main compartment and two side pockets both feature lockable zips for peace of mind in airports and on your travels.

Why do you need a 'Soft and Squashy' Bag for Africa? We probably don’t need to give you another reason to want the Explorer II, but we thought we would give you some more information on why this bag is ideal for Africa. The main catch phrase you will hear your tour operator use when you ask the question, "What type of bag should I take?" will always be, "Soft and squashy." While we would change this to, "Soft, strong, and squashy," the reason why taking a bag with soft sides is so important comes down to the strict luggage limitations of African travel.

Many tailormade safaris include, at some stage, a scheduled charter or fully chartered flight. The aircraft used for these charters will usually be (and we include this for the plane fundis): Cessna 206, Cessna 210, Cessna Caravans, and Twin Otters. On these planes, the luggage hold is cramped and small, so your pilot will need to be able to 'squash' your 'soft' bag into the tight corners and confines of the hold. Keep in mind that you will often be sharing these flights with others and so the pilot is tasked with fitting everyone's luggage into the hold.

The weight is also important. The bush landing strips which serve the lodges are typically short, so overloading the plane with luggage is not an option as this would affect take-off and the handling of the aircraft. The Explorer II weighs just over 2kgs. Should you arrive at the airfield with a monstrous, hard-sided suitcase, the pilot may find a place for your bag on the plane if you’re lucky, but he or she is more likely to tell you that you will either not be able to fly or that you need to charter a separate plane for your luggage.

The hardy construction of the Explorer II is also important. We have had clients lose their luggage off the back of Land Rovers in transit to or from an airfield. We took these kinds of experiences into account during the design process. Our bags are made to take a beating.

A note about luggage handlers, ground staff, and canvas and leather luggage: We stand by the quality of the construction of our canvas and leather range and the quality of the safari-grade canvas and leather we use to make our bags. We have also expedition tested all of our canvas and leather luggage so that we know just how tough it is. Leather and canvas are, however, fabrics and, as with all fabrics, they have their limitations. While cases are few and far between and we have not experienced puncturing on our own safaris and expeditions, fabric, by its very nature, is able to puncture or tear if subjected to force, sharp objects, if thrown along an abrasive surface, or other forms of harsh handling. We urge any clients who have their luggage damaged by luggage handlers & ground staff to contact us for a quote to submit to their travel insurance to make a claim.

Kindly note that we do not have a professional repair service. We will try and assist in any way we can but, in the event of your bag being damaged on your travels, please submit a claim to your travel insurance.

Say no to plastic packaging
Your canvas and leather travel luggage is packaged in a re-usable canvas drawstring bag. At The Safari Store, we are working hard to eliminate plastic from all of our packaging. This forms part of our commitment to a green future and the preservation of the environment, so future generations can enjoy pristine natural spaces.

⊙ MATERIAL: These bags are beautifully made from 100% safari canvas and cowhide, making them tough enough to endure the rough handling and unique challenges of African travel.

⊙ DETAIL: The Explorer II is fully-lined and has leather at each end of the bag which complement the curved lines of the bag itself and for added durability. Four zipped outer pockets are perfect for keeping smaller items separate.

⊙ STRAPS: The handles are made from leather with padded leather tabs and the bag comes with an adjustable/removeable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying.

⊙ ZIPS: The large horseshoe-shaped zip makes for easy access of the main compartment. The durable zips have leather tags to make zipping and unzipping easy on the hands. Rather than D-rings, the bag features unique lockable zips on the end pockets and main compartment, which can be easily secured.

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Lesley G

4 May 2022

10/10 - Superb bag in all respects and really looks the part on the baggage carousel amongst all the hard plastic cases :0) Great end pockets that easily took my walking boots at one end and riding boots at the other, as well as some other stuffy type bits and pieces. There's so much room in the main compartment and it's so easy to access with the fold down front. Thanks also for sourcing a replacement strap for me after I managed to lose the original. Much appreciated.

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⊙ MATERIAL: These bags are crafted from quality safari canvas and cowhide.

• Do not machine wash
• Do not soak leather
• Do not use abrasive detergents or hard brushes / sponges / cloths
• Spot clean with a soft cloth and warm water

⊙ DIMENSIONS: 75 x 32 x 30 cm (72 litres)

⊙ WEIGHT: 2.9kg

⊙ HOW MANY TO PACK: One per person.
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