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Thusk™ Zulu Knitted Bow-Scarf
Handmade with love in Africa as part of the Thusk™ community project, this bow scarf is a clever take on traditional scarf design for elevated fashion appeal and warmth on urban and outdoor adventures.
Key Features: ⊙ 100% wool ⊙ Handmade by Zulu grandmothers ⊙ Supports a community project ⊙ Ribbed pattern ⊙ Thread-through design ⊙ One size fits all ⊙ Unisex.
Made for: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoor pursuits: Fishing, Hiking, Walking ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday wear ⊙ Farming
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Elements and activities – Thusk™ Knitted Bow Scarf:

Quick Facts: ⊙ Made from 100% South African wool; ⊙ Weight: 147g; ⊙ Dimensions (unfolded) 18x80cm; ⊙ One size fits all

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoors ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday ⊙ Walking safaris ⊙ Adventure ⊙ Expeditions ⊙ Winter sports and hobbies ⊙ Gift

⊙ Made from 100% soft, warm, sustainably-sourced South African wool.
⊙ Handmade in Africa.
⊙ Ribbed pattern.
⊙ Thread-through design.
⊙ One size fits all.
⊙ Unisex.
⊙ Packaged in a recyclable box as part of our 'say no to plastic' environmental philosophy.

Handmade with love in Africa as part of the Thusk™ community project, this bow scarf is a clever take on traditional scarf design for elevated fashion appeal and warmth on urban and outdoor adventures.

The Thusk&trade, Bow Scarf is an elegant accessory in any winter wardrobe. Choose how you wear it. Tie your scarf as you would a traditional scarf or use the thread-through loops for a seamless, classic, overlapped look and a molded fit whether you choose to wear it above or under the collar. Handmade from high-quality, 100% natural wool, the ribbed pattern contributes to the overall aesthetic of the scarf and the weave makes for a comfortable, snug fit.

Expedition-tested™ in Africa and the French Alps - and style-tested during a Parisian winter - this safari scarf is proven to be warm in both cold African and icy European conditions and looks great in every setting. If you are going on safari, it is advisable to take a warm layer like a fleece or gilet and Thusk™ knitwear is the natural extension of this. The extra warmth won't go amiss on chilly open game drive vehicles or round the fire at the lodge.

The wool used for the Thusk™ Knitted Bow Scarf adds to the Thusk™ story to make it even more special. Individually cared for by dedicated South African farmers, the wool is derived from sheep reared against the backdrop of African plains - to be used again in African landscapes on safari. Sustainably sourced from this special selection of farmers, the wool is delicately handled from farm to store and into the hands of our knitters where this natural fibre is made into a product you can enjoy whenever you feel a nip in the air.

Wool is a remarkable, naturally renewable and sustainable product. Not only does it retain its shape and softness despite age and stretching, it also has a number of benefits for your health and comfort. With thermal insulation properties, it's both warm in winter and breathable in summer. It is also hypoallergenic - resistant to bacteria, mildew, mould, as well as dust mites.

About Thusk™
Nothing beats handmade knitwear made by loving mothers and grandmothers. With this in mind - together with the opportunity to provide an income to women in Africa - founder of The Safari Store, Steve Adams, approached his mom with an idea. The idea was Thusk™ - a range of handmade safari, outdoor, and everyday knitwear. As an avid knitter, mother, and grandmother, Hazel Adams was the ideal person to head up Thusk™ - providing patterns, wool, and a boosted income for a group of local Zulu knitters in South Africa. Made to Hazel's exacting standards, Thusk™ knitwear is designed to keep you warm no matter where your adventures take you - and warm your heart at the same time by helping a group of deserving craftswomen in Africa.

Thusk™ supplements the government pensions of these Zulu grandmothers, who knit at their own pace around their daily responsibilities. This flexibility allows them to meet their responsibilities as family caregivers whilst receiving an income. Each Thusk™ product has a tag with the name of the knitter - a small but meaningful connection to the women behind every Thusk™ creation.

Say no to plastic packaging
Your Thusk™ clothing is packaged in a recyclable box. At The Safari Store, we are working hard to eliminate plastic from all of our packaging. This forms part of our commitment to a green future and the preservation of the environment, so future generations can enjoy pristine natural spaces.

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⊙ MATERIAL: Made from 100% sustainably-sourced wool

⊙ WEIGHT: 174g

• Cold wash
• Gentle hand wash with a mild soap only
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