Functional & feminine women's travel, outdoor & safari shirts

Our women's safari shirts, travel shirts, & outdoor shirts are made to enhance every element of your outdoor experience. From the comfort and protection of specially-developed technical fabrics to the feminine cut and safari-inspired styling of casual tops and tees, exude safari elegance on game drives, walking safaris, around town, at home, & around the lodge. Safari colours are timeless and always in fashion.

Womens Safari Shirts Read our Womens Safari Shirts Advice Guide

The advice below is a summary. If you are looking for more information & expert advice then please click here for our full safari shirt advice guide.

  • Pack women's safari shirts which are not only safari-suitable, but which are also safari-styled and allow you to stay comfortable while looking and feeling feminine. As we usually say: stay in a tent on safari; don't wear a tent-shaped shirt. Women's safari shirts can and should be stylish.
  • Women's safari shirts should be khaki or shades of brown and green to blend in best with the environment while on safari.
  • Women's safari shirts which are long-sleeved allow you to roll your sleeves up and down when you need to stay cool, keep warm, or to avoid sunburn on your arms. Therefore, we recommend that you pack more long-sleeved than short-sleeved safari shirts in your safari packing mix.
  • Collared women's safari shirts give you added protection from sunburn.
  • Important features for women's safari shirts include: ability to wick moisture to keep you cool, high level of sun protection (SPF50+ is best), and an anti-insect fabric finish to reduce your chances of being bitten by most flying and biting insects.
  • Pack more women's safari shirts made from man-made fibres (polyamide) than natural fibres (such as cotton). Man-made fibres are better at wicking moisture from the skin - and it is this movement of moisture which keeps you cool.

    Number of women's safari shirts to pack for your safari:
    Up to 4-day safari: x 2; Up to 8-day safari: x 4; Up to 12-day safari: x 6

Safari Shirts - Women's NosiLife Adventure Long-Sleeved Safari Shirt

Women's NosiLife Adventure Long-Sleeved Safari Shirt in Safari Mushroom

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Women's NosiLife Adventure Long-Sleeved Safari Shirt in colour Soft Moss

Women's NosiLife Adventure Long-Sleeved Safari Shirt in Soft Moss

$96.00 $87.00 Save 9%
Safari Shirts - Women's NosiLife Anti-Insect Safari Shirt

Women's NosiLife Anti-Insect Safari Shirt in Safari Mushroom

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