Safari-styled weekenders & carry-ons

For the light traveller or for short trips, it is worth getting a bag which doubles as a weekender or carry-on - with enough space for your lightweight safari clothing. Carry-ons add speed to busy airport & train station transits too.

Safari Weekenders & Carry-ons Read our Safari Weekenders & Carry-ons Advice Guide

  • These weekender and carry-on bags are ideal for short trips away and for use every day. They may also be used for very short safaris and adventure travel.
  • If you are looking for a bag which is suitable for both short and long trips then please look no further than our Voyager range. These bags all adjust from weekender sized bags to large duffels - simply by zipping on end pockets. You get to decide which version of the bag to take on your next adventure.
  • A soft and squashable bag is a safari packing essential.

Number of weekender bags to pack for your short trips and safaris: x1

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