5 ways to accessorise your safari outfit

5 ways to accessorise your safari outfit

Neutral doesn’t mean boring

The days of shapeless, single-tone safari outfits are gone. Safari wear these days has useful practical features without sacrificing on aesthetics. Safari style is a popular trend, with fashionable safari clothes for women creating the perfect blend of classy and vintage adventure elegance. There is no reason you can’t add a touch of Meryl Streep to your safari wardrobe. Cruising along dusty roads on the back of an open Land Rover while sporting this classic look will add to the magic of your African experience.

1. Buckle up

Wear a belt with your trousers or dress to give your outfit a little more shape around the waist. We recommend the Rufiji™ Leather Belt.

2. Layer it up

Wearing layers on safari is already advised due to the drop in temperatures in the early mornings and late afternoons, so it’s the perfect opportunity to wear an open button-up safari shirt over a neutral-coloured tee or vest. Try the Women’s Rufiji™ BUGTech™ Pioneer Shirt.

3. Add a scarf

Hot or cold, the right scarf is a useful accessory to either keep you warm or protect your neck from the blazing sun. For daytime activities, we recommend a safari kikoy and, at night, the Thusk™ Button Scarf.

4. Mix and match colours

Neutral doesn’t mean boring. Mix up those natural tones by packing shirts and trousers in a variety of safari-friendly colours.

5. Add some sparkle

We’re not talking Elton John kinda sparkle. Just a touch of Africa inspiration around your neck, on your finger, or dangling from your ears. Our range of safari-inspired jewellery is perfect for a starlit dinner in the bush.

A pretty woman wearing stylish safari trousers, shirt and scarf leans against a rock wall.

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