Camping Clothes: An Essential Guide on What to Wear Camping

Find out what to pack for camping with camping clothes that are made for the outdoors

Camping trips hold all the ingredients for amazing adventures: beautiful outdoor destinations, tranquillity away from the rush of the big city, and activities that connect us to the world's wild and natural places. Whatever your plans, dressing for the outdoors has a bearing on the quality of your experiences.

Modern outdoor clothing has a range of features to keep you comfortable and protected so you can enjoy more for longer on every camping trip - and look good at the same time. Find out what to wear camping and shop camping clothes that have been built for the outdoors.

What to pack for camping by The Safari Store


At The Safari Store, we love everything outdoors. As a natural consequence, we spend a lot of time camping: overlanding in Africa, pitching tents in the mountains, exploring locally - using camp as a base for fishing, walking, mountain biking, and trail running. Our founder, Steve, has adopted a camping lifestyle to such an extent that he works remotely from a tent in some wild places in Southern Africa for most of the year. As a result, we've created a list of camping clothes essentials that offer a range of cool features for camping and the outdoors - and have been field tested extensively on camping trips in some pretty wild places.

This camping checklist includes camping clothes in our specially designed and expedition tested BUGTech™ technical fabric to offer insect defence, built-in sun protection, and moisture wicking properties to keep you cool, dry, and protected. These clothes also have a range of other features that make these lightweight, quick drying camping clothes a must. Keep reading for camping clothes advice on what to pack for camping and shop our hand-selected camping outfits for women, men, and children.

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Dress For Changing Conditions

The first trick in working out what to pack for camping is to prepare for every kind of weather. The nip in the air at night and in the mornings makes a warm layer a camping essential. If you have active activities planned or you're preparing for warm-weather adventures, lightweight, cool camping clothes are the order of the day.

If your plans for the day take you away from your backpack, dress in layers that can be removed to adapt to conditions throughout the day. Layer up with camping jackets, gilets, and fleeces - and knitwear - for cold mornings, chilly evenings, and the depths of winter, but wear base layers that keep you cool, dry, and insect bite free.

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Camping Clothes That Are All About Comfort - No Matter The Weather

Being out in the elements is one of the great joys of outdoor life - but it can also be a source of discomfort if you don't go prepared. Choose camping clothes featuring designs and technologies that keep you comfortable whether you're faced by the heat of the sun or the drive of drizzle.

When it comes to warm-weather and summer camping outfits, camping clothes in technical fabrics provide built-in UV protection and moisture wicking properties. This keeps you cool, dry, and protected from the sun. To every outdoorsman and woman - from safari to summer - we recommend long-sleeved camping shirts with roll-up sleeve tabs for full-arm protection and the choice of short sleeves when the day heats up. In a similar vein, convertible camping pants give you the choice between longs and shorts during the day, without the need for a full wardrobe change. It really burns when your sun protection strategy doesn't work on a camping trip. The best way to protect yourself from the sun is to cover up in lightweight, technical, sun protective clothing. Ensure total sun protection by applying and re-applying an effective sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed camping hat.

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Don't Let Anything Bug You On Your Next Adventure

One thing's for sure: the buzz we get from outdoor adventures doesn't come from bugs. While they are part of life in the great outdoors, planning ahead can help to protect you from disease-carrying, biting, and stinging insects. Our BUGTech™ anti-insect fabric has been laboratory and expedition tested™ to provide insect defence without compromising moisture wicking performance. For the best insect protection for camping, wear anti-bug camping clothes with ankle gaiters and Australian-made insect repellent.

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Grounded In Outdoor Lifestyles

Whether you plan to explore nearby trails or relax around camp, pack a combination of camping boots, camp shoes, and sandals. Closed toes and slip-on designs like the Buffalo Boots in a Chelsea boot design are our top recommendation - particularly at night. It's also a good idea to focus on all-terrain shoes that are versatile enough to fit in with any plans.

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High-Performance Camping Gear In Its Natural Habitat

Read our advice and shop our hand-selected women's camping clothes, men's camping clothes, and children's camping clothes for your next trip. Once you've worked out what to wear camping, add essential camping accessories for convenience on every camping trip - no matter the destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Clothes

  1. What kind of clothes do you wear camping?: Pack for camping with camping clothes that protect you from the elements. Layer up with a waterproof and warm layer, shirts and trousers in quick-drying BUGTech™ technical fabric with sun protective and anti-insect features, a wide-brimmed sun hat, and closed-toed camping boots and shoes.
  2. Why is a flashlight important in camping?: When it gets dark on camping trips, having the right flashlight, headlamp, camping lantern - or all three - is not only your way of seeing what you're doing at night; it's also a safety tool (especially if your camp is open to animals). Signal distress, stay aware at night, or simply light the way around camp with a camping torch.
  3. What should you not wear while camping?: The rule of thumb is to pack lightweight, quick-drying, compact clothing. This means you shouldn't bring clothing made from heavy materials like denim. BUGTech™ clothing ticks all the boxes when it comes to camping convenience - with built-in-features for comfort and protection too. White clothing tends to get dirty quite quickly and dark clothing heats you up fast (if you are camping somewhere with wildlife, this also makes you more visible to animals and vulnerable to insects). This makes clothing in neutral shades like beige and khaki a practical choice for camping trips.

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