Cycling safaris in Africa are a must for anyone with an interest in cycling. A unique challenge for every biker, there is something special about exploring nature trails using a favourite mode of transport in Africa - the bicycle. A physical and mental test, there is an unparalleled sense of accomplishment at the end - and the motivation of village scenes and wildlife sightings will leave you wanting more.

It's like riding a bike

“One of my favourite stories is about George Grey who was arguably the founder of the copper mines in Zambia in 1900,” John Coppinger of Remote Africa says, telling stories of the history of cycling in Africa. “He had urgent information to convey to his head office in Bulawayo so, there being no roads, he cycled there – a distance of around 860 miles in less than a week. All he carried was a bottle of Bovril, some bars of chocolate and his shaving kit!” For those with an adventurous spirit, cycling in Africa should occupy prime bucket list real estate. “It’s like riding a bike” – this motion many of us learned at a young age gets a new life in the varied terrain and heightened sense of unpredictability in the bush. With mountain biking gathering notable

traction around the world, cycling safaris are the perfect active safari for clubs and individuals looking to experience the sport in as many ways as possible. Talking to Taro Croze from Loisaba about cycling in Kenya, “The best thing is the views and again the adrenaline rush from being out in the conservancy,” she said. “You will see various animals and, although you see the same while on a drive, there is something quite special about being out of the car.” A keen mountain biker, our founder, Steve has developed a lifelong love of cycling in Africa. “It is the one thing I wish I could do more of on safari,” he says. Cycling opens up an abundance of new safari experiences for cycling enthusiasts coming to the continent. Unique adventure awaits.

Medley of Steve expedition testing safari clothing and safari gear and encountering game on a cycle safari in North Luangwa

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For John Coppinger, good-quality, neutral safari clothing is an essential and Taro Croze recommends sunscreen on a cycling safari. We combined their expert advice with our packing know-how to come up with the following list. Click on the images below to shop the cycling safari packing essentials and get our comprehensive safari packing list before you go.

Silhouette of a woman riding a mountain bike through the grass in the sunset on a cycle safari in Africa

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Taro Croze from Loisaba recommends packing a water bottle for your cycle safari and John Coppinger from Remote Africa says gaiters come in handy to prevent the odd tsetse bite on the ankles. We combined their experience with our packing knowledge to come up with the following list. Click on the images below to shop the cycle safari packing essentials and pack using our comprehensive safari packing list.

The front tyre of a mountain bike with the shadow of a cyclist riding on a winding dirt trail on a cycle safari in Africa

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