How to Pick a Dog Travel Bag

How to Pick a Dog Travel Bag

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C. Fraser Claire

Man's best friend deserves a life full of adventures - and only the best gear will do

Whether you are going on a long road trip, weekend away, a day on the trail, or for a simple walk to the dog park, travelling with pets is easy when you have the right gear. Invest in travel bags for dogs and cats with the following features for your travel and dog walking accessories.



Dedicated bags for dogs and cats make taking them along a more accessible option. From visiting friends to travelling long distance, a portable dog bowl and portable dog water bowl in clever dog bag designs keeps furry friends fed and well-hydrated wherever the road may take you. Your travel bag needs are as unique as your pet, but clever bags for dogs address the most important concerns when you're on the move. Make travelling and adventures even easier by adding an extra bag to your safari-styled luggage collection for your four-legged travel companions.


Collapsible dog bowl compartment. Portable dog bowls and cat bowls that double as kibble carriers mean you can take a stash of pet food along for both day trips and long adventures. Soft-sided, collapsible dog bowls and cat food bags are a great choice to tuck into your boot or baggage for wagging tails. Our Woof-Meow Bag has a separate kibble and water section that is perfect for travel. For short outings (or appointments at the V-E-T), this doubles as the perfect treat carrier so you can always reward good boys (and girls) along the way.

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Collapsible dog water bowl compartment. Your dog needs to drink one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight every day, while cats need 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water per 5 pounds per day. Active or lactating dogs and cats may require more. For trail walking and travel, this makes a portable dog water bowl an important part of your adventures to keep your pet happy and healthy. The Woof-Meow Bag has a lined collapsible dog water compartment for you to decant water while you're on the road, trail, or out and about.

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Durable materials. Look for travel bags for dogs and cats that are made from strong, durable materials. The Woof-Meow Bags from The Safari Store are made from the same safari-grade canvas and leather we use for our range of safari bags - a material we trust for durability during outdoor and travel adventures. Canvas and leather with brass detail also holds an appeal when it comes to classic explorer style.

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Bags for dogs and cats should be easy to carry and use. If you are looking for a dog travel bag you can use for walks and trail adventures, put some thought into the weight and carrying features. The Woof-Meow Bag comes with a detachable, adjustable canvas shoulder strap and a comfortable leather carrying handle. The bag also uses press studs and zips with leather tabs that are easy on the hands for ease of zipping and unzipping.

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Pockets. A pocket is a useful addition to a dog travel bag. This is the perfect place to tuck documents, small toys, treats, or pet waste bags when you're out and about. It's also a handy place to stow away your keys and mobile phone for trips to the dog park or out on the trail.

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What should be in a dog travel bag? Ideally, your dog travel bag should have a collapsible food and water container that doubles as a portable food bowl and water bowl. It's also a good place to keep treats, pet waste bags, treats, and documentation relating to your pet.

How do you travel with a dog? If you are planning a long trip, a vet check-up is a good place to start. If you are road-tripping, think about the different ways to keep your dog safe, secured, and comfortable on the road. Pack in advance to ensure you have all the essentials you need on hand for pet-friendly travel. Use a portable dog bowl bag to cover food and water on the road.

Where can I go on holiday with my dogs? Many dog-friendly destinations exist, with many wonderful places for you and your pet to explore. Ideally, look for pet-friendly accommodation with plenty of wide-open spaces and dog-friendly trails so you can enjoy long walks and fresh air with your best friend. Looking for pet-friendly holidays? Chat with our partner tour operators to explore the options.

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